That's all folks!

You have reached the last website on the Internet. There ain't no more. Go read a book!

I know this is hard. If you *feel* you need therapy to achieve closure due to having reached the end of the Information Super Highway I do understand, "I feel your pain..."

So, if you *feel* you need help returning to a rich and meaningful non-cyber life, please visit our friendly Online Support Hotline. In the words of Sigmund freud, "It couldn't hurt!"

If you *feel* you don't need any mental help -- even though you obviously do, just look at you! You're a mess! -- you can go to the very first internet Web Site (first in importance anyway!) and go through the Internet again. Maybe you missed something.

And do have a *nice* day (you psycho)!

Oh... wait one sec...

Someone just made a new web page!

Hmmm ... I suppose you'll want to *see* it before you leave the Net, you don't want to miss anything God forbid! -- you're sort of compulsive, but OK...

Click here! to visit the current very last web page on the internet...