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A few thoughts on kabbalah
and related mystical systems:

By Shlomo Phillips © March 20, 2018

A few thoughts on kabbalah and related mystical systems. There is a lot more in the video than appears here. The video is a discussion on this page. Enjoy.

There are many venues online for such discussions. Sadly many if not most of these sources do more harm than good as they inevitably draw people into pseudo-intellectualism and New Age avodah zarah (foreign to us beliefs and practices) in the name of Kabbalah, rather than delving ever deeper into HaTorah and the actual concealed wisdom of the Holy One.

The only saving grace for many of these people is that unlike the four sages who visited Pardes, they lack the foundational understanding to suffer as greatly for their presumptuous mistakes. Such people are like an innocent child who drinks milk from a container that a serpent has previously drank from, and hence poisoned. Their consciousness becomes poisoned and in the end they even abandon HaShem for deism and spiritual globalism, may He protect us all.

In groups like my public ones where we have as many non-Jews as Jews, and more non-observant Jews as observant ones, it would be a disservice to teach these sorts of seductive mystical understandings. Such people lack the foundational supports and realizations for them and would only be led astray by them, as we all too often see.

My groups focus on good, sincere people who are seeking to better their lives by turning to HaShem. We are there to assist such people as we may. While Kabbalah and related systems have their rightful place among the observant to be sure, they can easy become snares for the ego, for the yetzer hara, that can very easily destroy emunah and break all connection with HaShem.

As Rebbe Nachman advised:

"Throw aside all wisdom and clever ideas and serve God with simplicity. Make sure that your deeds are greater than your wisdom, because the main thing is not study but its practical application. This obviously applies to most ordinary people's clever ideas, which are mere folly, but it even applies to genuine wisdom. When it comes to serving God, even a person whose head is filled with genuine wisdom should set it all aside and serve God simply and innocently.

"One whose love of God is sufficiently strong becomes His dearly beloved child. God will show him abundant love and kindness, permitting him to explore the King's hidden store-chambers and even to understand what is beyond wisdom, including the deepest of all secrets, such as why the righteous suffer and the wicked prosper.

Likutey Moharan II, 5

Seek HaShem. Is He not enough for you?

Peace, Love, and Ever More True Light

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