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"The Thirteen Petalled Rose"
By Adin Steinsaltz (shlit"a)
Sundays at Noon US Eastern
With Ahuva and Reb Shlomo

In these live sessions we will be reading and discussing the insightful book: "In this classic of Jewish mysticism, the world renowned scholar seeks to answer the major questions asked by modern Jews about the nature of their existence in G-d's Universe."

Session One: We begin: September 10, 2017

Session Two: September 17, 2017

Session Three: October 1, 2017

Session Four: October 08, 2017

Session Five: October 22, 2017

Session Six: October 29, 2017

Session Seven: November 5, 2017

Session Eight: Coming Soon!

Session Nine: Coming Soon!

Session Ten: Coming Soon!

Session Eleven: Coming Soon!

Session Twelve: Coming Soon!

Session Thirteen: Coming Soon!

Session Fourteen: Coming Soon!

Session Fifteen: Coming Soon!

More to Come!

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