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Pirkei Avot: Ethics of the Fathers:

Atop Mount Sinai, over the course of forty days and nights, G-d taught Moses the entire Torah. The Torah was a two-part study: the "Written Torah," transcribed in the Five Books of Moses (and later extended to include all the 24 books of the Scriptures), and the "Oral Torah," a commentary on the Written Torah. The Oral Torah was orally transmitted from teacher to student for many generations. In the 2nd century CE, Rabbi Judah the Prince felt that the Oral Law would be forgotten unless it was transcribed. So he compiled the basics into a six-part document called the Mishnah.

The Mishnah contains 63 volumes (tractates) which discuss all areas of Jewish law: agriculture, holidays, civil law, family relations, sacrifices, ritual purity, and much more.

One of the tractates is completely devoted to Jewish morals, values and ethics. This tractate is called Avot — literally translated as "Fathers."

Session One: Introduction April 9, 2017

Session Two: Chapter One April 16, 2017
Session Three: Chapter Two, April 23, 2017
Session Four: Chapter Three, April 30
Session Five: Chapter Four, May 7, 2017
Session Six: Chapter Five, May 14, 2017
Session Seven: : May 21, 2017

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