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The Garden of Gratitude
by Rabbi Shalom Arush, translated by Rabbi Lazer Brody.
Read by and discussed with Shlomo and Ahuva

Sundays at Noon US Eastern

Shlomo and Ahuva invite you to join us live on Facebook each Sunday at Noon Eastern on my Facebook Wall

Session One: Beginning January 21, 2017

Session Two: January 28, 2018
Session Three: February 04, 2018
Session Four: February 11, 2018:
Session Five: February 18, 2018
Session Six: March 11,2018
Session Seven: Coming Soon:
Session Eight: Coming Soon
Session Nine: Coming Soon
Session Ten: Coming Soon:
Session Eleven: Coming Soon
Session Twelve: Coming Soon
Session Thirteen: Coming Soon:
Session Fourteen: Coming Soon
Session Fifteen: Coming Soon
Session Sixteen: Coming Soon:
Session Seveteen: Coming Soon

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