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Learn Emunah With Shlomo Phillips

In Forest Fields:
By Rabbi Shalom Arush (shlit"a)

Translated by Rabbi Lazer Brody (shlit"a)
Thursdays at Noon US Eastern
With Shlomo

Hitbodedut, personal prayer, is the number one proof that one has emunah. One who believes in HaShem speaks with HaShem. How can one claim to believe in HaShem if he does not speak to Him? Rebbe Nachman of Breslov teaches that everyone from the greatest to the simplest should spend an hour a day in hitbodedut, and in this book Rabbi Arush teaches us how to acquire this lofty tool.

Session One: We begin: June 29, 2017

Session Two: July 6, 2017
Session Three: July 13, 2017
    On Facebook part 1 (due to a glitch)

    On Facebook part 2 (due to a glitch)

    On YouTube Complete broadcast, includes extra music and photos from Israel taken by Shlomo and Ahuva in 2013.

Session Four: July 20, 2017
Session Five: July 27, 2017
Session Six: August 03, 2017
Session Seven: August 10, 2017
Session Eight: August 17, 207
    On Facebook: Facebook Live did not work today for unknown reasons. Please watch the Youtube version.

    On YouTube

Session Nine: August 24, 2017
Session Ten: August 31, 2017
Session Eleven: September 07, 2017
Session Twelve: September 14, 2017
Session Thirteen: September 28, 2017
Session Fourteen: November 02, 2017
Session Fifteen: November 02, 2017
Session Sixteen: November 09, 2017
Session Seventeen: November 16, 2017
Session Eighteen: November 30, 2017
Session Nineteen: December 7, 2017
Session Twenty: December 14
Session Twenty One: December 21, 2017
Session Twenty Two: December 28, 2017
Session Twenty Two: January 04, 2018
Session Twenty Three: January 11, 2018
Session Twenty Four: January 18, 2018
Session Twenty Five:
Session Twenty Six: February 1, 2018
Session Twenty Seven: February 15. 2017
Session Twenty Eight: February 22, 2018
Session Twenty Nine: March 1, 2018: Chag Purim Sameach!
Session Thirty: March 08, 2018
Session Thirty One: March 15, 2018
Session :
Session :
Session :
Session :
Session :
Session :
Session :
Session : More to Come!

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