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The Path of the Just by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto
With Shlomo and Friends

This page contains audio of our Sunday Skype group The Path of the Just. In these one hour sessions we read and discuss the Ramchal's wonderful book. Please note that we have no official connection to the publishers etc. All copyrights etc. remain with publisher. We are simply discussing the book and its teachings.

We invite you to join our weekly discussions by adding the contacts in the image above. Each Sunday everyone on the lists, who is online, are called five minutes before we begin and invited to join us. To attend both classes you must add both accounts. YOU are welcome to take part regardless of religious beliefs, prior knowledge, etc.

Owning the book is not required for the class, but it can be purchased here: HERE if desired (we recommend this).

The weekly sessions are generally added here within a few hours of completing the class.

These sessions and more are now available for IPhone or Android on J-APP! Just search for Shlomo Phillips.

Session Thirteen Session Twelve Session Eleven Session Ten Session Nine Session Eight Session Seven Session Six Session Five Session Four: Session Three: Session Two: Session One:

I invite you to connect with me on my Facebook or visit my contact page. Your questions or comments are always invited.

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