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Note: Most people don't understand the prophetic timeline and why the Book of Revelation is relevant for Jews, Christians and everyone else.

Understand: When the Second Temple was destroyed in 70 CE, it threw Judaism into a tailspin. Without the Temple and its biblically mandated sacrifices, Judaism had to be fundamentally reformed if it was to survive. The Pharisees, established by Ezra and the Men of the Great Assembly during the Babylonian captivity, became known as the Rabbis (circa 50 BCE-70 CE). They established "Rabbinic Judaism" following its destruction in 70 CE. This process of transforming "Biblical Judaism" into "Rabbinic Judism" was completed in the 300's CE. with the completion of the Talmud. The Sadducees, Essenes, Zealots, and most other Jewish sects ceased to exist with the destruction of the Second Temple and the fall of Masada and the Rabbis became the accepted leaders and heirs of the Covenant.

But there was also a new first-century Jewish sect whose followers held that a Jewish man known as Yeshua ben Miriam (Jesus, son of Mary) had been sent by HaShem to reform the biblical Way. They stood in opposition to the Rabbis, whom they accused of "following the teachings of men rather than the teachings of God" (i.e., the then developing Talmud). Yeshua's disciples created what they called HaDerech (The Way) or Derech Yeshua. This Jewish sect attracted a great many followers among both the Jews and Gentiles of the day. From its conception by Paul, James, Peter, and the other apostles, the Way battled assimilation from within and without and ultimately fell before what Yochanan, John the Revelator, called the Nicolaitan heresy. The Roman authorities absorbed the Way sect circa 320 CE, and it became a separate religion known as Christianity (and Catholicism: Universalism). Yochanan warned of this threat in late first century in the second and third chapters of his Revelation.

During the first and second centuries, Judaism was in transition as various sects sought to determine its future. These competing sects struggled for control. In the end, "Judaism" became Rabbinic Judaism and condemned or replaced all of its competitors, including the Way sect, the Samarians, the Essene Brotherhood, the Sadducees, etc. John wrote as a Jewish reformer, as the last surviving Apostle, not as a Christian. There was no conception of Christianity during his life. Judaism was the only religion he knew and practiced, and his books are solidly based on the biblical (Tanach) prophets when properly understood.

We at Beit Emunah are independent Rabbinic Jews who seek to understand our history more completely. Many of our sincere Christian friends study to understand the origins of their religion and so also find this study helpful. Sadly, some of our Jewish friends seem to prefer ignorance to knowledge and have opposed my teaching this topic. The Jewish prophecies are coming to pass right before our eyes, and those who believe "ignorance is bliss" will reap the result of their intellectual error. We seek to be ready to serve HaShem during the now emerging 'Dark Days of Ya'akov's Troubles'.

This is a study of a vital prophecy by one of the First Century CE Jewish Way followers. Examining these writings is not an endorcement of another religion as some charge. At the time they were writing the New Testament its authors considered themselves to be loyal Jews promoting a needed reform. We will look at these writings from their Jewish perspective as best we can. Examining these writing is not there therefore an endorsement, but an acknowledgment of what is obvious to anyone who cares to look: The Revelation is proving to be accurate and harmonious with the prophecies of Daniel and other Hebrew prophets. Like certain other books we don't accept as cannonical, Enoch, Jasher, Ben Sira, Jubilees, Macabees, etc., this book reveals many important insights, which is why the established Church tried to prevent its inclusion in their cannon.

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