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Last Night I Dreamt Of Melting Cake

By Shlomo Phillips © May 10, 2008 (updated May 15, 2016)

Recorded Live on Facebook

Previously I shared several of my dreams with friends here at and via social media. I have always been clear that I do not consider any of them to be prophetic nor myself to be a prophet, however some have indicated things that have come to pass. Others have the ring of truth and may yet occur.

This piece was written on May 10, 2008. Like many people at the time, I was experiencing a sense of deep foreboding. This feeling that something was fundamentally going wrong waned with time but it has never left me. The world is heading in the wrong direction. Of this I am certain. We now call good evil and evil good.

When I did my major update of in 2012 this was one of several pieces I removed from the site. Recently Tops Taylor, a long time reader, posted the following to me:

You had a dream posted here on 5-10-08. I believe it to be a prophetic dream. I have never forgotten it and I believe it to be very relevant to the times we are now living. The dream was about destruction in California and San Diego was melting, there was lava flow. I hope you still have it somewhere in your files and can please repost it. This is Freedoms Bell from the yahoo360 days [we both regularly posted on the now defunct Yahoo 360 social media site]. I sent you a message on fb but they hide them if we are not friends. I am following your posts and love the most recent regarding the 3 main religions working together. I pray you will repost the Dream! Blessings! Shalom.
So, here is the dream. I have updated it a bit to remove extraneous and outdated information. When I wrote this George W. Bush was the POTUS. While his was the voice I heard speaking, it was more the holder of the office I heard rather than a particular man I now believe. I have altered this one element to make the piece more timely today (May 2016). Otherwise, the piece is as originally written. As Tops stated, there is something to this piece.

But first...

We as a planet are going to go through hellish times whether we like it not. At this point we may be able to minimize the troubles of these times if we act now (which frankly seems very unlikely), but we can not stop the overall events from occurring. They are preparatory to our final Redemption since we refuse to seek HaShem and Peace.

Last night's dream [i.e. May 10, 2008] concerns events that may precede these times, or that may be among the opening salvos. Sometimes my dreams are very clear, set in the real world, in real time events and circumstances, but sometimes they are more symbolic. This dream was of the later type. I believe its meaning speaks for itself, and so I will not try and interpret or explain it. It is what it is. Take from this what you will.

Again, and I want to be clear on this point, despite the several dreams and "hits" that I and others have been getting for the past two years or so, of events perhaps coming this Autumn (perhaps this October), I am not making a prophecy here, I'm merely sharing this information as experienced. I can not say that God has told me these things are going to occur. He has not. It is what it is.

My Dream of May 10, 2008:

I am at home doing something irrelevant (maybe playing "World of Warcraft" which I do from time to time), and I hear the President speaking. I hear his voice clearly, whether on a radio, TV, or exactly how I don't know. There are no visuals at this point in the dream, but my assumption was that everyone heard his words whether on TV, Radio, or otherwise.

The president is speaking to people, maybe giving a national/international address or possibly just talking with a select few, again, I don't know for sure. But what he says makes my blood run cold. At this hour I can still almost quote his words.

"Knowing what we now know, and our intelligence is certain on this, I will not dishonor the American people's trust in me nor shirk my duty as your commander and chief by allowing this deception to happen. I have spoken with key members of the Congress and justices of the Court and we are in agreement that I can not step down until this danger is past. Once this crisis passes I assure you, the American people, that I will step down and that our Republic will be preserved secure for our children and future generations of Americans."
This is very close to what I heard if not the exact words. The POTUS will not relinquish power.

As the president's voice fades away, I hear a whistling sound. I look out of a window and everything seems normal. I focus my gaze and realize I am looking at Southern California. There are many elements of this dream that can not be literally accurate. This is the first of them, I live in Northern California, an 12 hour or so drive north of LA.

As I look at the LA skyline (from the "Grapevine" side) something feel wrong. There is a blanket of green mist hanging over the city that looks like smog but isn't. I get the sense that there is something seriously wrong with the air, "don't breath it..."

I look beyond LA with no particular volition on my part, further south, and I approach San Diego, then a bit to the east there is an explosion and I "go there" to see what's happened. The Black Water torture and training camp is being attacked! I look up and out across the eastern horizon and I see plumes of blackish smoke rising, billowing in the distance and I know that several of the other US concentration camps are likewise burning. I have the sense that bands of soldiers have entered the US across the Mexican border in part to rescue their comrades from the internment camps. Who is burning the camps I do not know. I then hear the whistling sound again, I look back to the west, and San Diego... is melting.

Bubbling lava-like fingers are creeping outward from some uncertain point and soon the ground is literally bubbling and churning. For a while my gaze stays on this anomaly, as the reddish black smoke rises from cracks in the now becoming molten ground. As the air becomes darkened with soot I look at the buildings and they are collapsing, cascading down with the grace of intentional demolition as the ground beneath them weakens and gives way to molten lava, as the earth quakes... and I wonder what caused this to happen. I know its not a natural earthquake, not, its something different... but what? I have no idea. There seems to be several things happening at once in all directions.

While I maintained an awareness in the dream that I am not really present in San Diego, I knew I was in my home in NorCal, I still sense that my face is beginning to blister from the heat and so I back away northward and upward. As I do, the heat subsides and my senses return. From above I see the creeping devastation below me as if I am flying in the astral, or perhaps on a flying carpet of sorts viewing this from above.

Below me I behold as the tendrils of flame lit more and more of the land. I watched as freeways crumbled into chasms of open flames where there had been firm ground moments before. I heard the screaming, the blaring of horns, the crashing of vehicles, a school bus filled with kids headed to Disneyland careens into a crevasse and I hear someone laughing -- it angered me that "he" would laugh -- the crackling of flames and cracking of the earth, the rumbling of the buildings as they toppled... the silence ... the utter silence... that followed...

Then, as my consciousness moves me north towards LA I am at the beach, south and heading north towards Venice Beach and Culver City where I lived for a while in the early 80's. It feels good to be back. As Muscle Beach comes into view my sense of despair gradually passes. The beach is filled with contented people. Nothing is amiss here and in my dream I have the thought that 'I'm just dreaming, there is no devastating occurring....' I watch as happy people sun themselves on the beach, as kids play at the water's edge, as topless women lay on their stomachs soaking in the warm sun as others message their backs with oils, and weight lifters flex their muscles for the cameras and the onlookers... But then... then I hear that sound again, that whirring noise and the cracking of the earth and the white sand is suddenly ablaze. I behold as many of the people laying on beach towels are instantly consumed in flames... as people begin running to and fro in all directions in panic, in terror. But I realize to my despair that there is nowhere for them to go.

And I cry out: Everyone into the water!

But no one hears me, even though several people do just that. And as I watch, a group of extreme muscled weigh lifters, slowed by their grotesquely enlarged physiques, make their way like slow motion golems in a video game to the water's edge. As they rush in slow motion toward the water their skimpy bathing suits, highlighting far more than they conceal, suddenly 'poof' into flames like bugs hitting a bug zapper and now everyone on the beach is naked and blistered, many have become human torches, and everyone is now desperately rushing to the water for safety and relief.

But as they rush into what should have been the cooling waters of the Pacific, they scream in unimaginable anguish as the waters burn them! The ocean has become a vat of boiling acid. Yet still the people stream like moths to a flame, climbing over the fallen scorched bodies of their peers, diving into the roiling waters that should have cooled them but that instead incinerated them in unimaginable if thankfully brief agony.

I should be able to do something but all I can manage is to cry out in horror. I withdraw my consciousness defensively and flow inland, towards McArthur Park. As I do, I hear the Richard Harris' song McArthur Park playing in the background (see video below). As the park comes into view my sense of peace momentarily returns, but then, again, as Richard Harris laments that all the sweet green icing was running down the cake, the people in the park began to melt and I see the City, its tall buildings melting as green rivulets flow down into Wilshire Boulevard as though it was a deep canyon that was becoming a veritable river of green death and thence into the other city streets as though they were the tributaries of Dante's vision of Hell and I know that I am not in that Hell, I am merely witnessing. This realization grants me no consolation.

I scream! I am frantic to escape this horror. I suddenly find myself at Disney Land where the devastation had already begun. I want to flee but can not. I must witness what is happening. And so I watch helplessly as children on cartoon character rides simply melt away into the roiling pavement, and tall swinging structures filled with insane vacationers crumble and crash onto and into the glowing molten ground. They burn, they cry out in abject terror. Parents hold their young ones close, lovers embrace a final time and countless others, all in shock, both alone and in groups, stare in abject confusion and disbelief as millions of innocent people are, are what? Liquidated! Evaporated? Extinguished? Turned into dust and blown away into the darkly expanding void that is consuming Southern California. SoCal has become an oven in which McArthur's "Cake" is being meted, its sweet green icing running down.

Then I hear, or better sense -- I didn't really hear the words but I somehow knew that the Order had been given -- shiny missiles being set into motion. The skies are now filled with death, like the seemingly infinite flocks of birds that once filled these skies in the before times. In our times, the bombs are now flying toward their various targets. I suddenly realize -- and the realization makes me nauseous due to its suddenness -- that I am now in Middle East and that Iraq and Iran are melting, melting like LA and San Diego, but there its different. In those barren lands instead of running in terrified chaos, everywhere I look I see people kneeling on the ground in prayer. Some are bowed low to the ground while others are raising their arms heavenward as if to say, "Thy will be done!" But this is not God's Will! Then it dawns on me that I haven't seen anyone praying here in the US.

The whistling becomes intense and the ground shakes violently. Some of the worshipers go up in flames while others are consumed alive as the earth opens its mouth and they silently tumble into their Jenna. The thought strikes me just then, I wonder how Israel is faring in all this madness? I turn my head and look toward the Holy City. What seems to be a great dome, like a giant cake dish top, I think, is descending over Holy Jerusalem and all of the Land of Israel protectively. I marvel at this! Just then several bombs strike the dome and ricochet off like bugs on a car windshield, and I know that Israel will survive.

I turn again towards the west and I hear dogs barking, feral packs of them it seems and my blood runs cold. Now it is night and the darkness fills everything. The dogs howl their distress and alarm and hunger and the sound is deafening. It makes my skin crawl and I flash momentarily into my recurring past life dream where dogs are an terrifying element, where they were searching for us... and I bolt up in my bed distraught and dazed (as often happens when I have that dream).

Whether I am awake or asleep at that moment I not sure but I arise quickly from my bed and hurry through our darkened house in Northern California to the sound of our dogs barking, and those of our neighbors' dogs as well. Is this real? Am I awake now? I open the door and step out into the freezing night air (it probably wasn't really that cold being that its May, but the coolness shivered me to the bone nonetheless and I quickly went back inside and dressed).

As I again walk into the yard wrapped in my favorite Indian chadar (shawl), the dogs stop barking, curious no doubt about what I am doing up so late. It is around 3:30 AM.

I stand there for a few minutes breathing in the cool night air wide awake yet utterly fatigued. There is no way I would be getting back to sleep any time soon...

What does this dream mean?

Time will tell perhaps. Maybe it means nothing... I can at least hope for this...

But my best advise is to prepare for the days and years ahead as best you can.

The long term future of the earth is incredibly promising, but the near future will be harder than most people imagine possible. As Americans we have become spoiled. We know nothing of hunger, of fear, of poverty. Those who survive will become well acquainted with these things. We are being held accountable for what we have done and that accounting is now underway.

The biggest storm in human history is coming soon. Will it begin in earnest this October? Time will tell, but it is coming.

Be the Blessing you were created to be
Don't let the perfect defeat the good

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