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By the RANBaCH (Shlit"a) © 23 Nissan, 5770 (April 7, 2010)

The RANBaCH (Shlit"a) was speaking with a Christian about the Jewish view of G-d and composed the following.
Know! From the throne of the Most High is heard:
"I am HaShem. You cannot understand Me as a whole. You cannot comprehend Me because I am beyond all comprehension. I cannot be defined because, by trying to define Me, you limit what and who I am; I am beyond all definition. You cannot see Me; not even Moses My beloved servant could see Me, so you cannot represent Me.

Therefore, do not try to make a representation of Me. Do not try to represent Me as anything on the earth, or the heavens or the deep. If you do this, you are limiting Me, and I will not allow you to do so. If you try to represent the different aspects of Me, you will be creating separate gods to represent these aspects. You cannot break Me apart; I am all, and I will not be defined in parts. If you do this, you will be creating gods that are not Me, and you will be no better than the Egyptians, or the Romans or the Greeks with their pantheon of gods. I will be worshiped as the One who is beyond comprehension; Who cannot be defined; Who cannot be represented. (B"H)."

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