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Rebbe Nachman's Dream

Vision of the Man in the Circle

I will tell you what I saw. And you tell your children.

Someone was lying on the ground, and people sat about him in a circle. There was a second circle around the first, a third circle, and so on. Around these circles sat some other people in no particular order.

The man who was sitting in the middle on his side was moving his lips, and everyone around him moved his lips like him. Then I saw that the man in the middle was no longer there, and all the people sitting about him had stopped moving their lips.

"What is going on?" I asked.

I was told that the man had grown cold and died. Since he had ceased to speak, the others had also ceased to speak.

Afterwards, everyone began running. I ran after them. I saw two beautiful palaces. Two ministers were sitting there. The people ran to the ministers and began to complain to them, "Why did you fool us?" They wanted to kill them. Finally, the ministers ran away.

When I saw the ministers, I liked them very much. I ran after them. From afar, I saw a beautiful tent. People shouted from there to the ministers, "Go back! Find all your merits. Take them in your hand and go to the candle that is hanging there. You will be able to accomplish all that you want."

The ministers went back and took their merits. There were bundles of merits. They ran to the candle, and I ran after them. A lit candle was hanging in the air. The ministers came and threw the merits at the candle, and sparks fell from the candle into their mouths.

The candle turned into a river (--the words "the candle" and "river" have the same letters--) and everyone drank from it. Creatures were formed within them. When they opened their mouths to speak, the creatures emerged. I saw these running back and forth. They were neither human nor animal--just creatures.

Afterwards, the ministers decided to return to their place. They said, "How can we get back to our place?" One of them said, "Let us send a message to the person who is standing there, holding a sword from heaven to earth." They said, "Whom shall we send?" They decided to send the creatures. The creatures went there, and I ran after them.

I saw a frightening being standing from heaven to earth with a sword in his hand that reached from heaven to earth and had many blades. One blade was sharp for killing; another was for poverty; another was for weakness. And there were a number of other blades for other punishments.

They began, "It is a long time that we have suffered because of you. Now help us and bring us to

our place." He said, "I cannot help you." They asked, "Give us the blade of death and we will kill

the people." But he did not agree. They asked for another blade, but he did not want to give them

any blade. So they left.

Meanwhile, an order was given to kill the ministers, and their heads were cut off.

Then things went back to what they had been before.

A person lay on the ground and there were circles of people around him, and they ran to the

ministers, and so forth, all over again. But this time, I saw that the ministers did not throw their

merits at the candle. Instead, they took the merits, went to the candle and broke their hearts and

began to beg before the candle. Sparks fell from the candle into their mouths. They pleaded more

and the candle turned into a river, and so on, and the creatures were formed. And I was told,

“These will live. The first ones were guilty of death because they threw the merits at the candle

and did not plead, as these had."

I didn't understand this.

I was told, "Go to a certain room and you will be told what it all means." I went there, and an old

man was sitting there. I asked him what this meant. He grasped his beard and told me, "This

beard is the explanation of the story." I said, "I still don't understand." He told me, "Go to such

and such a room, and there you will find the explanation." I went there, and I saw a long, broad,

endless room, full of writings. And every place that I opened, I saw an explanation of the story.


Published July 23, 2013
The Dream of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov in 1804, as recorded by Rabbi Nosson of Nemirov. Narrated by the Ranbach (Rabbi Aryel Nachman ben Chaim), with music by Richard D. Ruttenberg and David Budway, and animations by Adrian Morgan. All music, narration and animation contained in this video is the copyright of its creators, whose contact details are found in the end credits.

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