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An Open Letter to All Christians

By the RANBaCH (Shlit"a) © 29 Tammuz 5773 (July 7, 2013)

This is probably going to cost me some friends, but it needs to be done. So, here we go!

BS”D (Besiyata Dishmaya - "With the help of Heaven") In the aspect of “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the L-RD;” (Yeshayahu [Isaiah] 1: 18)

Dear Friends,

I have some areas of concern, and I think it is time to address them, or at least begin to think about them. Let’s face it, a person can’t fix what they don’t know is broken.

So many times I see on your posts, pages and groups “We stand with Israel!” or “We stand with the Jewish people.” Very good; but just what does that mean? You see, words are like promises, they mean very little unless they are backed up with actions. And before you tell me “Well, I pray for Israel and the Jewish people every day!”, let me tell you the same thing I tell my congregation, “Prayers without actions is an empty vessel.” By that I mean, no prayer, no desire, no goal, no matter how lofty, is accomplished with the help of G-d unless we act first. Only by action do we merit His help. So, when you say “We stand with Israel!” or “We stand with the Jewish people!” I ask, what have you actually done to “stand” with Israel and/or the Jewish people?

Now, before you answer, let me point out a few things that are going on in Israel that may give you some ideas.

First, missionary groups are invading Israel with the stated intent to convert Jews to their religion by deceit and lies. They are like thieves who prey on the weak and weary. What they are in fact doing is to steal precious jewels from the treasury of the King. Do they think that the King does not keep an accounting of all His jewels? And, when they steal these jewels, they essentially destroy them; like the jeweler who strikes the rough diamond wrong and turns a potentially priceless jewel into dust. So, I ask, what would happen to a person who was caught stealing jewels from an earthly king? Can you imagine what happens to a person who steals from the treasury of the King of the Universe!? Who among the churches and organizations stands up against these practices and speaks out?

Next, many churches and organizations spend excessive amounts of money each year on trips to Israel. Also good, they are helping the economy in Israel. However, there are many Jews around the world who would dearly love to visit or move to Israel. What of these; G-d’s chosen? What have they done to help a poor Jewish family visit or move to Israel? Every time I hear people saying that they and their church group have made many trips to Israel, my first thought is, how many of the Children of Israel could they have sent home for the price of just one trip? It is like waving a steak in front of a starving person and telling them how wonderful it tastes, and then consuming the entire steak in front of them.

Many churches and organizations have jumped on the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement against Israel. The BDS’ers (pun intended) use misinformation and outright lies to justify their anti-Semitism against Israel and the Jews. How many times have you heard the worn-out lie “Oh, I am not against Jews, I am against Zionists.”? Well, my friends, anti-Zionism is nothing more than politically correct anti-Semitism. How many churches and organizations have publically encouraged their members to buy Israeli goods to counter the BDS lies? How many people have spoken to their churches and organizations about the lies and injustice of the BDS movement?

Today, it is very popular to point out all the wrongs of Israel; in fact, it is one of the United Nation’s favorite pastimes! Israel is told they cannot build homes for their people, they cannot build a fence to protect their people, they cannot decide where the capital of Israel will be located. Let’s be clear, Israel is a country of people and people make mistakes, and they make poor decisions from time to time. However, while Israel is often vilified in the media for any minor and perceived wrong (whether it is true or, as often it turns out, false), why is so very little attention paid to the Arab countries and the very real oppression being perpetrated against Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and, very often, their own people. Why is Israel held to a different standard than any other nation on the earth? Have the churches and organizations petitioned the U.S. Government to recognize Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel? Have the churches and organization publically supported the building of homes in Israel for her children? Have the churches and organizations publically protested the treatment of people in the Arab countries?

As rockets rained down on towns and schools in Israel, as Arab uprisings have attacked villages, synagogues and the graves of our people, many churches and organizations have cancelled trips to Israel and said “Well, we will just have to go another time when things settle down.” But, how many of them have taken that money they would have spent on the trip and sent it to help rebuild those towns, villages, schools, synagogues and restore the graves? How many have decided to donate even part of that money to the Magen David Adom, IDF Pizza, Hatzolah or other organizations in Israel who provide help and relief from these attacks and acts of terror?

So, my friends, we now come full circle, and I again ask, when you say “We stand with Israel!” or “We stand with the Jewish people.” what does that mean? Or, is it just an empty vessel?

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