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Israel Today, Like Yosef, Puts Its Trust in Men

By the RANBaCH (Shlit"a) © 4th of Sh'vat, 5772 (January 8, 2012)

In Parshah Vayeishev we find the important lesson that Yosef (Joseph) learned while in prison. In the narrative, HaShem (B”H) through Yosef interprets the dreams for the Chamberlain of the Cupbearers and the Chamberlain of the Bakers. Knowing that the Chamberlain of the Cupbearers will soon be restored to his position at the side of Pharaoh, Yosef makes this request:

And here is what resulted from Yosef placing his faith in men rather that HaShem (B”H):

On January 06,2012 Caroline Glick posted a very important article that everyone should read, The Land for Peace Hoax. She has done a marvelous job laying out the realities of the current situation. I thank her for reminding all of us and for igniting the thought process that brought me to write this.

While she has established the facts and possible/potential realities of the idea of “land for peace” and what could happen based on political whims of the day, we need to look further into, and behind, the story to see the “big picture” of what is actually going on here.

In accordance with international law regarding lands captured from an unprovoked attacking belligerent country, in 1982 Israel negotiated to trade the Sinai for a peace treaty with Egypt. To ensure that this treaty would be carried out and adhered to, the United States and Europe signed on as guarantors of this deal. But, as we have seen, when the political winds change direction, such peace treaties are worth exactly what they are written on – a piece of paper. And, a guarantor’s pledges are worth only what they are willing to guarantee at that moment in time – no further.

Both the treaty and guarantee are only valid for that very brief moment in time at which the parties affix their signatures. The treaty and guarantee will only last as long as the prevailing political winds remain steady and predictable. Rarely does such stability or predictability last when the hate that inspired the belligerent to engage in an unprovoked attack in the first place remains firmly in place and passed from generation to generation.

Today, we see that this treaty; this piece of paper, is now being cast to the flames as a hate filled new regime now takes over in Egypt. But what of the guarantors? Europe is descending into an anti-Semitism that has not been seen since the 1920’s. Even in the United States, anti-Semitism is on the rise; no longer whispered in dark corners by conspiracy theorists or spouted in the pages of obscure white supremacies news letters, but spoken openly and without fear of repercussions. The current administration has intentionally gone to great lengths to disrespect, denigrate and disparage the Jews and Israel; giving license to the rise of the anti-Israel lobby and the anti-Semitism we witness today.

Like Yosef, the secular State of Israel puts their trust in paper and the guarantees of men. And, just as we have seen with Yosef, the Jews will continue to languish in uncertainty, surrounded by the prison walls of an arab population that seeks its destruction because Israel fails to put their faith in HaShem (B”H). The secular government can negotiate all they please; it will amount to nothing more than worthless paper and guarantees that amount to nothing.

But the question remains “Why?”

Indeed, the “why” is plain to see and right before our eyes. It rings in our ears year after year; and yet we do not hear it.

The secular government in Israel prosecutes and jails the Rabbonim for writing and speaking the words of G-d’s laws to the Jewish people.

The secular government persecutes and tears down the work of those who inhabit Judea and Samaria, even synagogues and yeshivot, while they allow mosques, legal and illegal, to be built with little restriction in the land.

Do they believe that they can pick and choose which laws of HaShem (B”H) they can obey, and which they can disregard? Do they believe they can sacrifice the laws of G-d on the altar of world opinion and political correctness? (G-d Forbid!) Do they believe that the land that HaShem (B”H) gave to the Jewish people is nothing more than a bargaining chip they can use to play politics?

From the Torah to the Talmud and from rabbinical sources throughout the ages, we have been told that we are not to give away the land.

Dwell in it!

Posses it!

Inherit it!

It cannot be clearer. Only HaShem (B”H) may take the land, or dispossess people from it.

As Rabbi Kaniel of Haifa said:

Quoting from Sanhedrin 120B, he continues:

Only when we return to HaShem (B”H) and adhere to the law, will we gain a true peace that the arabs or any other peoples will not dare to oppose. We will need no earthly guarantors; this will be guaranteed by the ultimate Source of truth and justice. The Source whose words are unfailing and stand firm to an eternity of eternities.

I can find no better way to summarize this note than to quote Rabbi Yaacov Moshe Charlap, Rosh Yeshiva of Mercaz HaRav in Jerusalem:

The Rabbi continued:

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