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Are YOU A Tzaddik? Finding Your Rebbe

By the RANBaCH (Shlit"a) © 18th of Sivan, 5775 (June 05, 2015)

A Quesetion to the Rebbe:
Boker tov v'Shalom Rebbe. This came to mind this morning -

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov teaches:

It is very good to attach yourself to a true Tzaddik. In the upheavals at the time of the coming of the Mashiach, G-d will "grasp the ends of the earth and shake the wicked from it" (Job 38:13) . But one who is attached to a true Tzaddik will be able to cling to him so as not to be cast off with the wicked. By holding onto the Tzaddik he will remain firm.
Sichot Haran #22
I believe and am hoping that you are a true Tzaddik that I can attach myself to.

In my drive to work this morning, I couldn't help but ponder about a certain quote I came across that read something like this: one who is in a community, unified with like minded folk, live longer.

In my thought I believe this to be true, since the assurance and sharpening from one another keeps us in check. My point here is that I am very thankful for you and HOSB. B"H I have a sense of community and a true Tzaddik I can, G-d willing, attach myself to.

See you at Shul tonight Rebbe. Have an awesome day

The Rebbe's Answer:

This is the essence of Der Alte Weg; to get people to realize that there is a tzaddik within us all and to work to bring the tzaddik from potential to actualization.

Todah Rabah for the note.

Am I a tzaddik? That is not for me to say, that is for others to judge based on what they know and have witnessed. The Baal Shem Tov said that there is a tzaddik in potential within every person. It is up to the person to bring that tzaddik from potential into reality.

So, you ask if I am a tzaddik, and I answer that we are all tzaddikim; it is only the degree of actualization that separates us one from another. It is the duty of the tzaddik to bring the potential into actualization and raise the person to the next level.

Once the person attaches himself/herself to a tzaddik, the person refers to the tzaddik as their Rebbe. The Rebbe is now their guide and the person now become the Talmid. The tzaddik/Rebbe is the person who has tread the path and knows it well. He is like the guide to a blind person. The blind person puts his trust in the guide to bring them safely into the light. Coming into the light is to be raised to the next level of actualization toward bringing that internal tzaddik from potential to actualization.

For the individual talmid, it may take a lifetime to attain the first level, for others, they may attain level after level in a single lifetime. It is the duty of the tzaddik/Rebbe to recognize this and know when the talmid has raised to the level that he, the tzaddik/Rebbe, is allowed to raise the talmid. He must then be able to recognize when it is time to send the talmid on to the next tzaddik/Rebbe to be raised to further levels and greater actualization of the inner tzaddik.

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