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Der Alte Weg Chassidus

The Wisdom of the RANBaCH (i.e. Rabbi Aryel Nachman Ben Chaim) Shlit"a © 2015

On Embracing Chassidus

To be Der Alte Weg the first thing you must do is to forget everything you think you know about Chassidus! We will begin at the beginning.

On Jewish Unity:

"For, if there is, G-d Forbid, dissention among Israel on earth, there is no harmony above. By means of this, their prayers also become united as one, and united into one, they are acceptable before Him, blessed be His name." (Kitztur Shulchan Aruch, Vol. 1, Ch 12: 2)

It is time we put these "differences" aside and realize that Israel will only survive as a nation and a people if we do as Reb Eliezer, father of the Baal Shem Tov, told him on his death bed; "fear absolutely no one or no thing but G-d, and love every single Jew no matter who he is and no matter what he is doing"

I have no issue with any (so called) branch of Judaism (with the exception of the messianics who are fakes and idol worshippers, and the humanistics who deny G-d [G-d Forbid!]).

Each branch or group reaches to the Jew at the place he is in his life. The Jew may be only a tenuous grasp on their faith and the more liberal branches do keep them attached to their faith. In time, those who have the spark ignited will move on to more and more frum forms of Judaism. The rest will retain that tenuous grasp until Moshiach comes and returns them to their full faith.

The days of the bowed down Jew, afraid of lifting his head or confronting the world, is at an end. We are the Jews who came out of Mitzraim, crossed the split sea, armed, with our heads held high and praising G-d as our King.

It is time to make plans to go to Israel, even if it is 20 years in the future, it is time to make your plans.

We may be tired and weary, we may get bruised and bloody, but we are Yisrael, the treasure of HaShem. It is time for our people to start acting like we are His treasure and no longer slaves to whatever pharaoh is in power in the world.

On Proper Observance:

When greeting people this Shabbat and Shavuot one should always greet with the Shabbat greeting first, then the festival greeting. The Sabbath occurs every week and we always start with the blessing for mitzvah that occurs more often. This is also why we put on the Tallit before the Tefillin; we wear the Tallit every day and there are days we do not wear Tefillin (Shabbat, festivals, holy days, etc.).

So, Shabbat Shalom and Chag Shavuot Sameach!

This morning as I was preparing to put on the Tallit and Tefillin it struck me: What religion, what god that the nations serve have given them such a thing? This is a beautiful way to attach ourselves directly to HaShem! There is nothing among the nations that is as beautiful and more empowering than the Tallit and Tefillin!

Know! If you put on the Tallit every day and the Tefillin on the permitted days, it will change you in ways you cannot even imagine. They touch your genetic memory and connect you to our people at Har Sinai. The Aggedah tells us that on Shavuot Har Sinai lifted from its foundation and covered the entire people - past, present and future. On that day Har Sinai became the Chuppah and on the day the commandments were given we were wed to HaShem as his treasure forever.

Should one listen to secular music? That depends on the music. One should not listen to music that is debasing of the music itself or with lyrics that are debasing.

We are told that, when the Beit Hamikdash was destroyed, the music and melodies of the Holy Temple flew to the four corners of the world and became lost.

However, there was Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac Taub (1744-1828), the first Kaliver Rebbe, also known as "The Sweet Singer of Israel". It is said, as he traveled about the countryside he would hear the secular melodies and knew when it was one of the lost melodies of the Holy Temple. He would sit down with the person and have them teach him the song. Once he had it memorized it was reclaimed for a Beit Hamikdash and the person who taught it to Rebbe Taub would immediately forget the melody. Sola Kakas Mar is one of those melodies. Below is Rebbe Menachem Mendel Taub, the sixth generation descendant of Rebbe Yitzchak Isaac Taub of Kaliv singing Sola Kakas Mar.

Yes, I listen to secular music, hoping to be blessed to hear the melody of the Beit Hamikdash once again.

Here is the Kaliver Rebbe singing "Sola Kakas Mar", a song from the founder of the dynasty of kaliv.
The Rebbe is a holocaust survivor and has done tremendous amounts and gone to great lengths to memorialize the six million martrys.
The Kaliver Rebbe, Rebbe Menachem Mendel Taub, is a Sixth generation Descentant of Rebbe Yitzchak Isaac of Kaliv.
The RANBaCH: The rooster is calling, Dawn is approaching,
In a green forrest, on a plain field a bird is walking.
What a bird it is! What a bird it is!
Its feet are yellow, its wings are green,
It is calling me home.
When it will be, when it will be?
Sheyibone heMikdosh, Ir Tziyon Temale,
That's when it will be.
Why is it not anymore, Why is it not anymore?

Be complete in the worship [of G-d], blessed be He, [that it be] a “complete service.”

It is essential not to forget the matters [of Torah and Mitzvot].

It is essential to study mussar every day, whether much or little.

Strive continuously to cleave to good traits and upright practices.

Do not allow a single day to pass without performing a mitzvah, whether it be a “minor” or “major” mitzvah. This is indicated in “Be zahir (careful; scrupulous) with a ‘minor’ mitzvah as with a ‘major’ one” (Avot 2:1). For [the word] zahir is an expression of “They that are wise yaz’hiru (shall shine) . . .” (Daniel 12:3). This implies that the soul will shine and glow from a “minor” mitzvah even as it does from a “major” one, for “The Merciful seeks the heart” (Zohar II:162b; Sanhedrin 106b).

On Kavanah (Proper Intention)

When one asks HaShem for something one must be careful and specific. One must first determine if this is coming from one's soul, not from one's "heart or eyes because they will seduce you to misbehave." One must then picture their desire in all its detail and intricacies. Only then should one compose their petition to HaShem. Once one has presented their petition, one should ACT ON IT! Only by acting on their petition will they merit it to be heard.

Know! Prayer without actions is an empty vessel and there is no merit in the prayer to raise it up.

On Hospitality:

Avraham sat by the entrance of his tent in the heat of the day waiting, just in case a traveller happened by, so he could offer him hospitality in his tent. It is a wonderful thing to welcome guests and it is an important mitzvah.
In Avraham's day hospitality could mean the difference between physical life and death. Today, hospitality could mean the difference between spiritual life and death.
Every person we come across in our lives was placed there by HaShem for our good. Either we need them, or they need us, or as a test of our free will to do good or bad.
Never underestimate the importance of welcoming guests into your home.

On Prophecy:

We are in the days of those prophesied; dark days filled with the evil of men, days of destruction and great tribulation. Yisrael will not escape these times, but HaShem will use that time to refine his treasure by fire; burning off the dross of secularism purging the land of the idols of the gods of the nations. Secularism and political correctness shall be skimmed off the crucible and cast out of the land; Yosef will no longer place his faith in the Chamberlain of the Cups, but will turn to the G-d of their forefathers. In that day, HaShem will return the glory of B'nei Yisrael and there will be none who can stand against them. The abomination on the mount will be wiped away in the blink of an eye, and no one will doubt that HaShem, the G-d of Yisrael, authored its destruction. The Beit Hamikdash will be rebuilt in those days and the Beit Hamidrash will be full. May this happen in our days, may our eyes behold this, may we celebrate in great joy that we have been restored.
More to Come!

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