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It is my sincere prayer that my humble efforts will help unite our people. As my dear brother Shlomo Silverman recently noted to me, "We Jews are not so good at multiplication, but we are the masters of division!" This ought not be true, but it is.

Rabbi Aryel Nachman ben Chaim and I are working together to promote unity among our people and to assist wayward Jews in their return to observance.

Concerning disunity the former Jerusalem Chief Rabbi, Rav Kook, declared: "Since there are enough people practicing rejection, I choose to practice acceptance."

This is the goal of, the House of Seven Beggars, and our Keruv Media Network. The Chofetz Chaim warned:

ENOUGH! We claim we want HaMashiach and the Third Temple now, and yet we continue doing the very things for which it was destroyed! Both Orthodox and non-Orthodox are guilty. We must understand that A Jew is a Jew! I hold this conviction close to my heart by the mercy of HaShem! Some Jews are religious, others are not. Some Jews are fanatics on both ends of the spectrum, most are not. Let us seek a radical love-based balance! Especially towards one another. We are a single extended family.

Personally, I am a traditional (hence "Orthodox") Jew and ordained Rabbi. This is enough for me. Of course there are always more details and people ask, so...

My Rabbinical lineage is as follows: Here is a partial list of Rabbinic blessings I have received.

Our Shul: The House of Seven Beggars

Our Yeshiva: Website coming soon.

         Please Note: is completely independent of the various groups I associate with. The views expressed here are my own understandings and do not necessarily reflect those of anyone else. Likewise, the views of the various groups I associate with do not always express mine. Please refrain from making assumptions about my beliefs and practices until you get to know me. If you have questions, ask me, don't assume. In many ways I'm not your average Chassid nor rabbi. Heck, I'm not even your average Jew! But then... few Jews really are when you get to know us! Our harmonious diversity is among our greatest strengths.

I am a committed Religious Zionist, although I am not directly affiliated with any Zionist groups. I have the utmost respect for the work of late Rabbi Meir Kahana, but have no association with any of the groups that emerged from him. I support Moshe Feiglin but have no direct association with Manhigut Yehudit, Zehut or his other commendable endeavors.

          Without supporting the Nation and People of Israel one can not honestly claim to be loyal to our Holy Scriptures, Traditions, Religion, or People in my opinion. Far too many Jews today, even some rabbis (both Orthodox and non-Orthodox), are turning against Israel and thereby betraying the Hope of the Redemption. The Hope of Zion is the bedrock of Judaism and our people. Judaism and Zionism can not be separated. They are one.

Of course, I'm not naive. The secular government of Israel today is far from perfect. The Israel that now exists is not the Israel that will be during the reign of HaMashiach ben David (may those days come soon and within our lifetimes). There are many things I wish were different there, HOWEVER I stand firmly and immovably with Israel, even as I beg HaShem to transform the Nation of the Jews into a truly Jewish Nation (to paraphrase Moshe Feiglin) as described by our holy prophets and teachers.

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