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Live Weekly Broadcasts,
Shabbat and Holiday Services!
Join us LIVE in Our Zoom Shul

Noon: Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Judaism 101 Course:
Beginning October 18

Doctrine: 5-6
  Hebrew: 6-7
8 PM Sundays
8 PM Thursdays

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If one wishes to be a mechanic, a doctor, a lawyer, a burger flipper or anything else in this life one must learn what is required for success and perfect that skill set. Why would emunah or motivating faith be any different? Motivating faith (or emunah in Hebrew) must be intentionally developed with accurate knowledge coupled with personal experience and intent. The twofold foundation of emunah is Torah and Hitbodedut (personal private prayer). A person with proper understanding of Torah (the Jewish Scriptures) who invests time in Hitbodedut will most certainly develop ever deeper emunah. Through emunah one merits to experience great joy and contentment. is my original web domain. I have invested over 50 years in my personal search for G-d. At you will find some of my writings along the way. The writings at and reflect my currecnt understandings. After opening in 2018 I put on the "back burner." As a result you may find things here that no longer express my beliefs, practices nor understandings but that may interest you. I am gradually updating this domain, but please keep this in mind while visiting If you have questions you are invited to contact me.

We Broadcast Live Weekly Classes
As Well As Shabbat and Holiday Services!

Everything is LIVE in Our Zoom Shul!

We usually simulcast on My YouTube channel! and share the video on My Facebook Wall.
Join us as we continue to grow!

We welcome Jews, Noahidim, and all people of positive intention.

Contact Rabbi Shlomo Nachman ben Ya'akov for more information and assistance.

We use the Sephardic Siddur Lev Eliezer in our services.
(Be sure and purchase the Shabbat Siddur for our regular broadcasts; shop around for best prices)

Live Broadcasts and Services on ZOOM
(Room opens shortly before broadcast times)
Also available on Facebook

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