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From Paradise Lost to Paradise Restored

A Look at the Biblical Prophecies

By John of AllFaith(c July 2002)

Part Three: The AntiChrist:
What do we know from prophecy about this coming leader

Cited verses can be considered using our Bible Gateway Program.

Since Genesis 3:15 we have been warned that one day a man will come to rule a united world by the power of the Satan. Is that day finally at hand? The main portion of this study will present detailed information on the origins and future of the earth. Here I will offer basic information on what we know today about this coming ruler.

There is an ages-old war going on between two great powers.
I Cor 2:12 and I John 4:5,6
Since the Fall the spirit of God and the spirit of AntiChrist have battled one another. The final battle between Messiah and Anti-Messiah will settle the dispute as predicted at Gen. 3:15.
The world is ruled by the “Spirit of AntiChrist” even today and he is seeking to finalize his authority
Gal 1:4 and 1 John 4:1-3
The world in which we live is under the power of its coming king, the AntiChrist. This is confirmed by Satan’s ability to offer Jesus all the kingdoms of the world.
He was prophesied from the beginning
Gen. 3:15
This 1st of all biblical prophecies concerns him and his eventual defeat by the Messiah.
AntiChrist is the final attempt of the Santanic Rebellion to vindicate Lucifer’s claim and create a global Satanic Society
The claim: Through Secular Humanism we can be as God. The world does not need to submit to God.
He is Lucifer’s Seed just as Jesus is Eve's.
Gen 3:15 and II Thess 2:3
AntiChrist is the Son of Perdition. Lucifer is the Father of Perdition and Father of a huge host of children. This Satanic family is discussed elsewhere in the study.
He is the "Son" of the Satanic Trinity
Is. 14:13,14
Just as the Godhead is a Tri-unity (Col 2:9), so too is the AntiGodhead: Lucifer or Satan (Father of Perdition), AntiChrist (Son of Perdition) and Beelzebub or False Prophet (Spirit of Perdition).
He will be from the European Union.
Vision of the Four Beasts: Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome to rule as four great powers
Dan 7:
As predicted, ten horns or governments arose from the remains of the Roman empire (vs 7). These have now united into the EU from which the “little horn” or AntiChrist will arise (vs8)
The AntiChrist will be a European from an EU member state.
The AntiChrist will rise from Macedonia, Syria, Egypt or Asia Minor.
Scripture says the “He-Goat is Alexander’s Greece” (8:21).
Dan 8:21,22
These four countries came out of Greece in the 4th century BCE and one would spawn the "Little Horn" of the "He-Goat."
The Little Horn of the He-Goat
Dan 8:9
I will discuss this in detail elsewhere, but for now, note that this little horn is another presentation of the AntiChrist who rises “in the later time.” It was literally fulfilled in Antiochus Epiphanes and will have a second, greater fulfillment in the AntiChrist. Compare this verse with Matt 24:15 and Daniel 9:27. The fierceness of Anti Christ is so great that after this vision Daniel fainted! (8:27)
The AntiChrist is also referred to in prophecy as “The Assyrian”
Is 10:24-34
Assyria and Babylon are very closely related.
He is called the “King of Babylon” (Assyria)
Isa 14:4
Babylon and Assyria are closely related as mother (Babylon) and daughter) and this reference also refers to his coming from this region.
The Wars of the Kings of the North (Syria – Antiochus Epiphanes) and South (Egypt – Ptolemy)
Dan 11:1-45
These wars ended at the death of Antiochus Epiphanes in 164 BCE. The “willful king” or AntiChrist will hail from this nation. (11:36-).
Hence, the AntiChrist will be from Syria.
Therefore, AntiChrist must be from:
Syria: 11:
Assyria: Isa 10:24-34
Babylon: Isa 14:4
European Union: Dan 7:8
A look at a map pinpoints where AntiChrist will likely rise.
Greece is an EU member, was part of the Roman empire; the GreeK Isles run south to Turkey and Syria, both of which were part of the Asyrian empire.
We can therefore say that there is a strong likelihood that the AntiChrist will come from the Greek Isles!
He MUST be Jewish
John 5:43; I Thess 5:3; Matt 24:23
This is NOT Anti-Semitism as some have charged. The Jewish people would never accept any Gentile as their Messiah and prophecy says they will accept this leader as their long awaited Messiah, hence he must be Jewish.
He is called “A King of Fierce Countenance”
Dan 8:23
Despite what some teach, the AntiChrist must be an individual ruler, not a political system. He will be the fierce and ruthless leader of an eventually global kingdom similar to, though far more powerful and evil than Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party.
He is called “The Prince that Shall Come
Dan 9:26
Here Daniel foresees the final global ruler who will rule for the last three and a half years of the Gentile Times. Again, an individual ruler.
He is called “The Little Horn”
Dan 7:8; 8:9
This term is used twice. Both refer to the Beast.
He is called “The Willful King”
Dan 11:36
He is called “The Man of Sin”
II Thess 2:3-8
He is called “The Son of Perdition”
2Th 2:3
He is called “The AntiChrist”
I John 2:18; 4:3
He is called “The Beast”
Rev 13:1; 14:9-11
He “ascends from the Pit”
Rev 11:7
He comes “in his own name” proclaiming authority
John 5: 43
He exalts himself
II Thess 2:4
He will be honored and respected by the world system
Rev 13:3,4
He is called “The Wicked” whom the Messiah will slay
Isa 11:4
At this verse the phrase “the wicked” is singular and refers to an individual being, not the wicked collectively. Compare II Thess 2:8.
Jesus warned he was coming
John 5:43
He comes to power after Israel is restored as a nation (i.e. after 1948)
Luke 21:24, 30-33
The AntiChrist will come to power seven years before the conclusion of the Times of the Gentiles. The beginning of the end of these times happened when Israel regained nationhood in 1948 as prophecied.
Ten European Kings will give him their support
Dan 2:40-43 and Rev. 19:17-21
These "kings” refer to the EU, the remains of the fourth world empire, Rome. This prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes today. The United States of Europe is now a reality!
A major EU Power struggle will break out as AntiChrist seeks to consolidate his power.
Dan 7:8
As he rises three EU states will rebel and be put them down This also shows the EU will maintain its unity of independent states format.
That these four heads are governments is confirmed at vs.23. These were literal rulers and so it is only logical that this "little horn" will be also.
Anti-Christ will use modern public relations techniques and deception to further his cause and gain power.
Dan 7:8, 20 and II Thess 2:4
He will not care for the well being of his people but use the as pawns
Zech 11:16,17
He will eventually claim to be God Incarnate
II Thess 2:3,4
At an important meeting in Jerusalem the AntiChrist will proclaim himself God.
He will be worshipped as God
Rev. 13:4, 11,12
Israel will cry unto the God of Abraham for protection against AntiChrist and He will respond by sending the Messiah to save them.
Jer 30:4-7, Matt 24:22
After the Jews return to Israel (fulfilled in 1948) they will be purified and call on the Lord and re-accept His covenant. Due to the current unrest many Jews are returning to faith in God and seeking His protection though most remain "non-practicing." This rededication will come to the fore once the ruler turns on Israel and begins his pograms against them.
He will turn on the Jews with fierce persecution
Dan 7:8, 20; Matt 24:22
This persecution will be so intense that if God did not intervene no flesh would be saved. But the sake of the Jewish people the Tribulation will be shortened and the Messiah will come.
"For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be. And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect's sake those days will be shortened.
Matt 24:21,22
Messiah will return for one reason only: To save God's chosen people, the Jews.
The AntiChrist and his earthly representatives will be destroyed
Is. 24:21
Two groups are mentioned here:
    The high ones (i.e. the non-physical combatants who have seduced and subtlely controled the nations throughout history)
    The kings of the earth (i.e. the physical combatants who are his mortal pawns)
The “Colossus,” signifying the reign of Gentile global authority, will continue until its last leader, the AntiChrist, is destroyed by the future coming of the Messiah
Dan 2:35
The “stone” that destroys the image must be the “Rock of our Salvation” -- 1Cor 10:4. His defeat is therefore certain.

And Paradise lost will become Paradise Restored.

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