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The Nature and Person of Messiah Yeshua

A Study by Pastor John © Oct. 2000

Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Parent except through Me."

Since no one can come to the Parent, except through Jesus the Holy Child of Yah we will certainly want to know more about him! That's the purpose of this study. Who is Messiah Yeshua? Who is Jesus the Christ?
This is part two of a three part series:
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Since the beginning of time people have sought God. According to the Bible, since the very beginning Elohim, the God of the Bible, has sought us as well (Gen.3:8)! As we discussed in the Nature and Person of YHVH Elohim earlier in this series, since the dawn of time God has gradually and progressively revealed more of the divine nature to humanity, drawing us ever Homeward. About 3000 years after the creation of the present world YHVH Elohim revealed the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus was present from the beginning (John 1:1-5), but at the time foreordained by God the Savior took physical birth on this earth and dwelt among us.
Early in Genesis we read how humanity joined the angelic rebellion against Elohim, which was spearheaded by Lucifer and how God, from the beginning, provided a way out for those who would surrender and embrace God's Ways (Gen 3:14-24).
As followers of Jesus we understand that the "he" who was to be the seed or offspring of "the woman" was the messiah who would counter and ultimately cancel the universal effects of sin. Humanity, through our original parents, joined in the rebellion and thereby received spiritual death as YHVH had foretold at Gen. 2:17. It would be the work of another human being, "born of a woman", to counter spiritual death and bring to fruition God's original plan for the world and its inhabitants. This Plan is the blueprint for the history of the world. We the people of the earth are all players in this drama. We are the defendants, the witnesses and ultimately the victims in this celestial court case, the struggle between God's Way and Lucifer's Way, between good and evil.
Here in early Genesis we know very little about this coming Redeemer. As with everything, God's revelations occur gradually over time. When Elohim created Adam and Eve it was for fellowship and as caretakers of a paradise earth. The sin of the universal rebellion robbed us of these blessings! Due to our part in the rebellion we lost our natural spiritual connectedness with God. We as a species died spiritually. No longer could we walk and talk with YHVH Elohim as a friend with a friend as described in Genesis 3:8. The sin of rebellion erected a wall or partition between humanity and our Creator. Nonetheless, human history is replete with our attempts to regain our lost spiritual nature.
As one studies the world's religious systems and traditions one is lead to the inescapable fact that there are amazing similarities in the histories they describe. Virtually all ancient peoples speak of a world flood and, though the accounts and names vary, of the brave and wise Noah. They speak of the Tower of Babel, of the parting of the great sea, of the lost garden paradise, of promised virgin births and so on and on. These are doubtless memories of actual events that befell our common ancestors or promises of things to come. They were preserved in folk memories even as the details became less and less clear with the passage of time. The memories were reworked, retold to fit in with contemporary understandings and beliefs. There are so many similarities! This can not be purely coincidental!
Yet despite our best efforts humanity has remained spiritually dead, cut off from our Creator! As our sins and human wisdom increased so did the wall of partition separating us from our righteous God. Yet YHVH Elohim is merciful and desires to restore what has been lost and has, since the very beginning, provided a way out.
We humans were given free will by our Creator. We are not a slave race! We have the freedom of choice! In order for humanity to stand with God or fall by joining the rebellion we had to choose our loyalties. At the time of the first choosing there were only two humans on earth and so these two were able to make that choice. The impact of their decision has continued to ripple through all human generations. Today we are billions and this complicates things even more! In order to honor our freedom of choice each of us have the right as individuals to choose God's Way or the Way of the Rebellion. Throughout history many people have chosen God's Way, many have chosen the Rebellion.
As YHVH Elohim gradually revealed the plan of restoration to the world it was evidenced that a single group of people would be utilized, the descendants of Abraham (Gen. 12:1-3). Space forbids a detailed recollection of how this process progressed generation by generation. It was through this plan however that the three great religions came into being, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. We will speak of the revelation of Islam another time. For now, we will focus on how the promise went through Abraham and Sarah's lineage.
As God was progressively revealed through the Jewish prophets and scriptures the world, through Israel, received better understanding of the nature and person of both YHVH Elohim and the coming messiah.
In due course of time the messiah came to this earth exactly as prophesied by the Hebrew prophets. The Sacred Name of YHVH was intimately associated with our Savior. Indeed, he was named Yeshua which means literally "YAH SHUA" -- Y' : "YHVH" -- SHUA : "saves" or: "YHVH Saves". The messiah then, came as predicted and with a most astounding and appropriate name!
Concerning the Messiah it was revealed by the holy prophets that he would be mortal, "the seed of a woman" - Gen. 3:15 --- Fulfilled - Gal 4:4; Luke 2:7; Rev 12:5. Note that according to Jewish understanding this "woman" referred to Israel, i.e. to the descendants of Abraham and Sarah. God told Abraham and his descendants that the world would be blessed through one of their offspring. While Judaism of course does not accept that Yeshua was the long awaited messiah, it was scripturally required that the Redeemer be born of a Jewish woman, a descendant of Abraham and Sarah.

Due to clearly defined biological and geographical requirements each of the following prophecies made the identity of the Messiah more clearly defined and less likely to be imitated or manufactured by human means:
Now we see that the Messiah must be a physical descendent of Abraham and Sarah, through their son Isaac, through his son Jacob. Messiah must be human, i.e. not a "presence" or impersonal "Christ Consciousness" but a real flesh and blood person. Messiah must be born in the Hebrew Tribe of Judah, through the family of King David AND must be born in the small village of Bethlehem. Narrows the possibilities down a bit! The messiah was to be the most important person in human history and when the time came for his birth it was absolutely essential that there be no question about who he was.
Further, the birth of the Messiah must take place about 445 years after King Artaxerxes issued the order to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem according to Dan 9:25 --- Fulfilled - Luke 2:1,2; Luke 2:3-7 (* Roman documents record when Artaxerxes made this proclamation: while Cyrenius was governor in Syria)
Further, the Messiah must be born by a virgin teen age girl according to Isaiah 7:14! --- Fulfilled - Matt 1:18; Luke 1:26-35

Now, that's specific!

Once the Messiah is born, as a direct result of his birth, a massacre of infants must take place - Jer. 31:15 --- Fulfilled - Matt 2:16-18
The Messiah, though born in Bethlehem, must live in Egypt as a child - Ho 11:1 --- Fulfilled - Matt 2:14, 15
However, once the Messiah's ministry begins significant portions of it must take place in Galilee - Is 9:1, 2 --- Fulfilled - Matt 4:12-16
The Messiah must be a prophet - Deut. 18:15 --- Fulfilled - John 6:14; John 1:45; Acts 3:19-26
The Messiah must be a priest - Ps 110:4 --- Fulfilled - John 1:29; II Cor 5:21; Heb 5:5,6; Heb 6:20; Heb 7:15-17
The Messiah must be known for having great wisdom, understanding, diplomacy might and knowledge - Is 11:2-4; Ps 45:7 --- Fulfilled - Luke 2:52; Luke 4:18

Then, after a life spent in devotion and holiness:

The Messiah must enter Jerusalem publically hailed by crowds of people as the Messiah. This, with him riding on the back of a donkey - Zec 9:9; Is 62:11 --- Fulfilled - John 12:12-14; Matt 21:1-11
The Messiah must be betrayed by a friend - Ps 41:9 --- Fulfilled - Mark 14:10; Matt 26:14-16; Mark 14:43-45
The Messiah must be betrayed by this friend for 30 pieces of silver - Zec 11:12, 13 --- Fulfilled -Matt 26:15; Matt 27:3-10
This blood money must be diverted and given to a local grave yard (potter's field) - Zec 11:13 --- Fulfilled - Matt 27:6,7; Matt 27:3-10
The friend who betrays the Messiah must hold an office of trust, which is afterward given to another - Ps 109:7, 8 --- Fulfilled - Acts 1:16-20
The Messiah must be condemned by false testimony - Ps 27:12, Ps 35:11 --- Fulfilled - Matt 26:60, 61
The Messiah must remain silent during the hearings, offering no defense - Isa 53:7; Ps 38:13, 14 --- Fulfilled - Matt 26:62, 63; Matt 27:12-14
The Messiah must be beaten and spat upon - Isa 50:6 --- Fulfilled - Mark 14:65; Mark 15: 17; John 19:1-3; John 18:22
The Messiah must do nothing to warrant these assaults - Ps 69:4; Ps 109:3-5 --- Fulfilled - John 15:23-25
The Messiah must suffer everything for others - Is 53:4-12 --- Fulfilled - Matt 8: 16, 17; Rom 4:25; I Cor 15:3
The Messiah must be publicly executed along with criminals - Is 53:12 --- Fulfilled - Matt 27:38; Mark 15:27, 28; Luke 23:33
The Messiah's hands and feet must be pierced - Ps 22:16; Zec 12:10 --- Fulfilled - John 20:25-27; John 19:37
The Messiah's body must be pierced - Zec 12:10 --- Fulfilled - John 19:34
The Messiah must be mocked and insulted even while undergoing a hideous death - Ps 22:6-8 --- Fulfilled - Matt 27:39-44, Mark 15:29-32
The Messiah must be offered gall - a poisonous plant (like hemlock) - and vinegar - Ps 69:21 --- Fulfilled - John 19:29; Matt 27:34, 48
The Messiah must hear the prophetic words about himself mocked - Ps 109:4 --- Fulfilled - Matt 27:43
The Messiah's clothing must be gambled for - Ps 22:18 --- Fulfilled - Matt 15:24; John 19:24
Despite the brutal torture, not one of the Messiah's bones must be broken - Ps 34:20; Ex 12:46 --- Fulfilled - John 19:33
The Messiah must be buried among the wealthy - Is 53:9 --- Fulfilled - Matt 27:57-60

And after all this!!:

The Messiah must pray for his enemies - Ps 109:4; Isa 53:12 --- Fulfilled - Luke 23:34
The Messiah must rise from the dead - Ps 16:10 --- Fulfilled - Matt 28:9; Luke 24:36-48
The Messiah, after freeing the captives and earning the gift of salvation for humanity, must then be glorified - Ps 68:18 --- Fulfilled - Luke 24:50, 51; Acts 1:9
The life, accomplishments and experiences of the Messiah were very clearly spelled out in detail long before his birth. The only person in the history of the planet to even come close to fulfilling these and the many other messianic prophecies was Jesus, Yeshua.
There is one other prophecy we should consider, Isaiah 9:
Note that the Messiah is to have the "dominion" upon his shoulders. This is the same dominion given to Adam and Eve at Genesis 1:26. Roman 5:11-13 tells us that Jesus was the second Adam. When humanity rebelled against Elohim we forfeited our God ordained dominion of the earth. According to the prophecies, the Messiah would seek and save that which was lost (Luke 19:9, 10). Yeshua now has all authority and dominion as confessed by John the Revelator:
According to Isaiah 9 and similar prophecies the Messiah would be called "El Gibor" or the Mighty God." According to Genesis 3:15 however the Messiah was to be human, a "seed of the woman," and yet the clear teaching of Scripture, in both Testaments, is that the Messiah was and is God Incarnate. We have spoken above about how the chances of anyone fulfilling the messianic prophecies grew increasingly unlikely as the details were gradually revealed. This closes all possibilities! The Messiah must be both fully human AND fully divine! This, no one could do!

The Nicene Creed, written in 325 C.E. (its English version dates from 1549) says, in part:

The Church has, from its inception, affirmed the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. This doctrine, in short, says that there is but one God who is eternally manifested in three distinct forms, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But is this what the Bible teaches?

Consider Jesus' claims:

With that, they prepared to charge the messiah with blasphemy. The claim that Yeshua was the "Son of God" was clearly understood as a claim to divinity and equality with Elohim.

Other verses:

The Apostles confirm Jesus' divinity:
Messiah Yeshua is the Son of Man. In harmony with Genesis 3:15, he is fully human, the "seed of a woman" and yet fully Divine, in harmony with Isaiah 9 and other scriptures. John begins his wonderful book with an unequivocal claim that should settle the question of Jesus' divinity once and for all: More Apostolic confirmations:

More scriptural confirmations:

More scriptural evidence:

Even the demons confirm Jesus' divinity! Jesus is the King of kings and Lord of lords:

And again:

Now, if Yeshua is not fully God then he is in a very bad position! Scripture clearly says again and again:

And yet Jesus is even worshipped:

Our Savior is offered praise and glory which is due only to God. He even demanded that he is to be lifted up so that all peoples will come to him. Who but God could make such claims!:

There is practically no end to such verses. Everything that Jesus said and did, everything that was said about him, testifies of his Godhead and glory! In this verse he clearly reveals that as Messiah he will "crush Satan" and gain dominion over the earth, as prophesied at Genesis 3:15. He would allow himself to be lifted up from the earth via his crucifiction, thereby allowing Satan and the powers of the Rebellion to "bruise his heel" as it were. The result of this would be the crushing of Satan and restoration of all things (I Cor. 15:20-28).

Mark 15:

Tis was the Son of God makes it clear that the rest of us are not. The reationship was unique and hte word "Son" implies more than its enlish equivilency.

In this series we have considered the nature of YHVH Elohim, Messiah Yeshua and Ruach ha Kodesh, the Parent, Child and Holy Spirit. Within the Church of the living God there is much debate on most issues and doubtless someone will write that they have problems with something in this study. That's fine! What remains is the central question:

What will you do with this information?
What will you do with Jesus Christ?

According to Scripture and the direct experience of millions of diverse people from around the world over the past two thousand years it is possible for YOU to KNOW that YOU HAVE eternal life, right now.

Regardless of your race, sexual orientation, political views, economic situation, culture, abilities or disabilities, YOU can personally meet the Savior right now and have the assurance that you have the blessings of Jesus for all eternity.

If you are reading this on the internet, we have a series of pop-ups that explain how you can receive the assurance of eternal life right now. Just visit our Heaven's Just a Click Away web site. I'd also like to invite you to write me at

Jesus Christ, Messiah Yeshua, loves YOU just as YOU are!

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Most of the biblical quotes in this piece are from the ExeGeses Ready Research Bible, World Bible Publishers
Iowa Falls IA 50126

Also Considered: Strong's Exhaustive Concordence
The Authorized King James Version
And the New International Version

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