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"Believe nothing, o monks,
merely because you have been told it ...
or because it is traditional,
or because you yourselves have imagined it.

Do not believe what your teacher tells you
merely out of respect for the teacher.

But whatsoever, after due examination and analysis,
you find to be conducive to the good,
the benefit, the welfare of all beings -
that doctrine believe and cling to,
and take it as your guide."

          -- Gautama Buddha

"Whosoever honors his own religion and condemns other religions,
does so indeed through devotion to his own religion, thinking 'I will glorify my own religion.'
But, on the contrary, in so doing he injures his own religion more gravely.
So concord is good: Let all listen, and be willing to listen to the doctrines professed by others."
         -- The Buddhist Emperor Asoka of India, 3rd Century B.C.

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Buddhism in the West

Buddhism in the West, Part 2

Was Buddha God? The Universe? Or What?

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      ** Be advised (but don't worry) that this link will open a new window for their presentation.

    A complete resource on all traditions of Buddhism and includes e-books, talks, chants and complete histories for free.

The Official Web Site of Tibet

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Future of Buddhism: The Diamond Way

Theravada Buddhism

    This site is a wonderful resource into Theravada Buddhism (they even send out free dhamma Books).

This is a Buddhist sutra site that even has a complete free version of the Lotus Sutra.

A Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms

    This dictionary is a very good resource. in Exile
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