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Please Note: I am a practicing Rabbinic Jew and ordained rabbi. My presentations on the world's religions are not avodah zarah - i.e., the Halachic prohibition against Jews observing other religions. Some people are born into a culture, religion, etc. and never question what they receive from their upbringing; I respect that. Others of us question what we have been taught, seeking ever deeper understandings. It has always seemed to me that if spiritual attainment is as important as the religionists say, then certainly it is a virtue to study and understand what one believes and why one accepts the teachings, not as parrot who mindlessly repeats what has been heard, but as an intelligent person created with a reasoning mind. Our beliefs and faith should be rooted in accurate knowledge. I know in whom I believe, in what I believe, and I know why I believe it without needing to denegrate other views. As the sages of ancient India understood: Truth is One, the sages use diverse words.

I have invested most of my sixty plus years to studying the world's religions as part of my personal and academic quest for attachment (devekut in Hebrew) with the Blessed One. In this endevaor I learned Sanskrit and translated this and other important works. Other studies will be restored asap. For more about my ongoing journey visit this page.

Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

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