The Universal Covenant

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Judaism is not looking for converts. In fact, Gentiles are usually discouraged from conversion.
The reason for this is not a dislike of non-Jews but an honoring of the Covenant HaShem has already prepared for them.
For most people there is no reason to convert to Judaism. As we read in a different context in the Talmud Y'rushalmi (Nedarm 9):

Torah provides a joyous and fulfilling Life Path and a sure portal into the Blessed World to Come for non-Jews. This "Way" is the Path of Ethical Monotheism. Its foundation is emunah (motivating faith) and the observance of the Sheva Mitzvot B'nei Noach, i.e. the Seven Noahide Laws. Whoever YOU are you already have a Covenant with the Most High! You just need to embrace it through your free will.

Those born of a Jewish mother have the Path or Derech of Judaism. Judaism is very diverse and Jews do well to find the expression of their birth Covenant that speaks most clearly to them. Those not born of a Jewish mother inherit the Path of the Seven Law Covenant. This Path is refered to by various names, Noahide, Seven law, Universal, rainbow Covenant etc. Becoming established in this Path is appropriate for them.

Some Noahidim decide to seek formal conversion into Judaism, while others are happy to abide within Derech Noahide. Others seek other Paths. HaShem ("the Name"- the G-d of Israel) has granted us all free will to seek and observe His Way as we choose. Choose wisely!

A common difficulty Noahidim face is the lack of community. Fellowship and education are as vital for Noahidim as they are for Jews and everyone else. We at Beit Emunah help facilitate such connections by welcoming Noahides and all sincere seekers into our online community for our weekly classes, services, and special events. If you come with mutual respect you will find a welcome here. We invite your questions, thoughts and comments. For information about Beit Emunah visit our website here.

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