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Drive Them Out! While you still can -- 12.26.14
If Israel and the West hopes to survive they better heed the wisdom of Sarah and drive the Muslim Arabs out! This conflict is not new!

The Ego Trip! -- 12.26.14

Its YOUR Choice! You want to be happy? Be happy! -- 12.26.14

Presbyterian Church Antisemitism Yet Again -- 12.24.14

North Korean Distractions Oh, did you lose your internet? -- 12.23.14
US backing down to North Korea is just a distraction to aid US support for Islamic State and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Who Can We Trust? Only HaShem!-- 12.20.14
So many people say, "follow me," but they all let us down. Can we trust anyone? Yes!

Christmas Trees: Just say no to idols -- 12.20.14
Through Prophet Jeremiah we learn the truth about Christmas trees.

History Lesson: Have we learned? -- 12.20.14
The U.S. and Allied forces did nothing to save the Jews during World War Two.
Would they act to save us today when history seems to be repeating? Now, when we say "Never Again" we have the might to back it up! Stand with Israel if you support our right to exist! God WILL bless you! Genesis 12:3

Chag Chanukah Sameach: From our family to yours -- 12.17.14

The Right Path: The Way to God resides within the heart of each of us. Externally it takes on innumerable forms. -- 12.14.14

Sanctions on Israel!: Sanction Obama! -- 12.09.14

Great Atheism:: Great Faith -- 12.01.14

The POWER:: of Human Speech -- 11.28.14

Zionism:: Secular and Religious -- 11.26.14

Hallelujah!: Praise God! -- 11.26.14

The 23rd Psalm: The Lord is my Shepherd... even during these dark days. -- 11.25.14

Oppose the BDS: Nazi Party -- 11.25.14

Is THIS the Way the World Ends?: Sharia recognized in America -- 11.21.14

We MUST Remember!: -- 11.19.14

Eyal Yifrah,
Gilad Sha'ar,
Naftali Frenkel,

Avraham Shmuel Goldberg,
Aryeh Kupinsky,
Moshe Twersky,
Kalman Levine,

Sergeant Major Zidan Seif (the courageous Druze officer)

And of course the righteous man of God, Rabbi Meir Kahane Z"L. And all of the other victims of Muslim violence. May HaShem make their memories blessings, console their loved ones, and avenge their blood.

Winston Churchhill: On the Jews -- 11.18.14

Islam Cometh!: And its our own fault! -- 11.18.14

Remember: When we had a two party system? -- 11.15.14

Ours!: Israel is the ETERNAL Jewish Homeland! -- 11.14.14

Facing Opposition: Its an opportunity! -- 11.13.14

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