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AllFaith Comix From 6.22.14 - 8.17.14 (in reverse order)

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UK Baby Names!: Muhammad is NOW the most popular name for baby boys in England and Wales...
but it doesn't top official lists because there are so many ways to spell it. Is it already too late to preserve Western civilization?-- 8.17.14

MINE!: Its mine and you can't have any! Oh wait...!-- 8.17.14

Israel: Our Eternal Home!: Israel has always been the Jewish homeland. We're Home again and we are not leaving! "Never again" means Not Now Either! Stand with Israel!-- 8.13.14

The World Wide Shema Continues!: Join more than 100,000 people in reciting Shema for the IDF and Israel daily! -- 8.03.14

The World Wide Shema!: Join almost 30 K in reciting Shema for the IDF and Israel daily! -- 8.03.14

Jonah's Tomb: Islam is destroying history. Islam must be stopped! -- 7.25.14

The Vestibule: Use the sufferings of the Olam Hezeh to prepare you for the Olam Haba. Remember, this too WILL pass -- 7.22.14

Boycott Hamas: Why would any civilized person, any advocate for children or peace, any lover of freedom, any Christian or Jew, anyone with half a brain... support Hamas against Israel? -- 7.22.14

Torah Study: Do you really want to learn the Truth? Here's How! -- 7.22.14

Its the Virgin Game: LIVE from Gaza! -- 7.13.14

Choose Israel: Choose Life! -- 7.11.14

Complaints: Before complaining about your lot in life please consider these thoughts from Rav Kook -- 7.10.14

Am Y'israel Chai! The People of Israel Are Alive! As I write these words the nation of Israel is under attack. We know however that HaShem remains in control and we trust in Him-- 6.09.14

Doubts! It is normal to have doubts! Use them to build emuna (active faith)! -- 7.09.14

Backfire! They thought we would crumble in fear. They thought we would release more murderers... But their plan backfired!
Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali are national heroes and the world is uniting around Israel!-- 6.27.14

The Presbyterian, Mennonite, Quaker, and Methodist Churches need to read the Bible!-- 6.26.14

Pray - Study Torah - Pray -- 6.23.14

Prayer is the Way to God -- 6.22.14

Join our free Skype Discussion Group -- 6.22.14

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