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Shlomo's Comix!

My comix are presented from the most recent (this page) to the oldest (November 1996).
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Two kinds of Jews: -- 9.29.14

Rosh Hashanah 5775 (2014): Happy New Year! -- 9.24.14

Simplicity: Simplicity and Faith (emuna) is the key to serving God -- 9.23.14

Spiritual Falls: Spiritual falls happen. Let them strengthen you as Rebbe Nachman teaches. Rebbe Nachman: Restore My Soul is published by the Breslov Research Institute. -- 9.22.14

God's Delight: Let God's delight be your joy and strength! -- 9.22.14

Psalm 137: We will NEVER forget Jerusalem and Eretz Israel! -- 9.17.14

A Prayer of Moshe: Although the days seem to be darkening and our way is at times unclear, HaShem is still with us! -- 9.17.14

Teshuvah: Teshuvah (i.e. repentance and making amends) is the heart of spirituality. Seek God privately, request His forgiveness and direction. THIS is the key to happiness. Then we can bless the world entire (Genesis 12:3). -- 9.17.14

Faith: From Rebbe Nachman's Likutey Tefilot -- 9.17.14

Psalms: Rebbe Nachman placed great stress on reciting the Psalms. But is there a secret to this? There is and here it is! -- 9.15.14

When I grow up...: Is this what your kids dream of? It may be if things don't change soon! -- 9.12.14

Na Nach!: The Song of Redemption is the secret to all success! Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman! -- 9.12.14

Why Mashiach: WHY we want Mashiach now! -- 9.09.14

Far Away: The importance of humility in ones relationship with HaShem -- 9.09.14

Jimmy Carter: Lifelong anti-Semite Jimmy Carter again spoke to his comrades in praise of Sharia. Since we know Carter is well versed in Islamic law this can only be his public support for its victory throughout the USA and the world. And you probably thought Carter was just an incompetent peanut farmer! -- 9.02.14

Haman and Hamas: HaShem is in control -- 8.28.14

Share the Event!: Let others know about the Worldwide Simultaneous Shema -- One Voice! -- 8.28.14

The Pleasures of Life: Are they really pleasures? -- 8.27.14

The Sigh of a Jew: The essential vitality of all things thus depends on the breath. Whenever something is lacking, the main lack is in that thing's vitality, which is the life-spirit keeping it alive. A sigh is a long breath - the long breath of patience. Therefore when a person is patient and sighs over what he lacks, he draws life spirit to that which is lacking, because the main lack is the absence of the life spirit. -- 8.27.14

Test of Faith: The test is now -- 8.25.14

Simplicity: Simplicity is the Way to God -- 8.25.14

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