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Questions From Our Readers:
Concerning True and False Prophets
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From a reader:

I hope this email finds you well, and hopefully I can find the time to sit in again and listen. I stumbled upon something yesterday, and since you have been willing to discuss things in the past I have a new question for you.

In Christianity it warns against false prophets, and what I watched yesterday spurred this question so forgive me if I am stepping on toes for asking. In these days, is it normal for someone to receive messages from God foreshadowing future events similar to a soothsayer or psychics? 1 John 4:1 mentioning not trusting every spirit, but to test them to see whether they are from God. She claimed that God took her to a place where she experienced a vision of biblical proportions. I feel like this isn't from God, but she claims that God gave her all this stuff she wrote down so my questions to you...
    1. Do the Jews still write and speak prophecies like this, or is she just completely batty?
    2. If she is a false prophet, then how do I tell 1k viewers that this woman is a false prophet with credible proof?
Thanks again for your time and your wisdom, Rabbi.

My Reply:

From a Christian perspective, the gift of prophecy is still active. Prophecies must come from any religiously solid Christian and must be harmonious with Christian beliefs to be accepted. Otherwise, the person is considered a false prophet.

A traditional Jewish perspective is more or less the same. The "school of the prophets" ended with Malachi. However, the gift of prophecy continues through righteous Jews (tzadikim) and possibly others as God wills. Anything that violates the Written Torah is to be considered false (with the caveat for many Rabbinic Jews that if it can be supported by the Oral Torah (the Talmud) it can still be accepted. Anything that agrees with the Torah is true, and anything that neither agrees nor disagrees must be viewed in terms of its accuracy. Some would simply reply, if the Chazal (i.e., the rabbis of the Talmud) agree it is accepted. Without a Talmudic source it is to be rejected. I hold the Written Torah as the final authority. When Saul went to the Witch of Endor, he was told a person should seek the truth from his God alone (1 Samuel 28:3-25).

For this reason, both Jews and Christians disallow consulting all "psychics, mediums, Tarot, Oui'ja board, yarrow sticks, etc.

God often reveals things to those who love and serve Him. These revelations are usually intended for the individual alone and not for distribution. If a person today is declaring themselves to be prophet I wopuld be very wary of them. I say today, because as we enter into the conclusion of the age we have this:

And you shall know
That I am in the midst of Israel:
That I the ETERNAL One am your God
And there is no other.
And My people shall be shamed no more.

In the End Times,
I will pour out My spirit on all flesh;
Your sons and daughters shall prophesy;
Your elders shall dream dreams,
And your youths shall see visions.

While there is reason to believe we may be at the portal of the End of Days, this prophecy has yet to be fulfulled is a widespread way.

Hope this helps

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