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How to Skype

(for normal, non-techie people)

By Shlomo Phillips © 05.10.2010 (last updated 10.30.2013)

On-line video/audio conversations can make your experience at and elsewhere easier and more enjoyable in several ways, including participation in our free online discussions, as well as one on one conversations with Shlomo and others. Problem is, it can be confusing getting starting for those of us who are not so tech savvy. This page can help.

Skype is free for the basic service (which is all you will need in most cases).

In order to fully participate in our discussions you will need a microphone and speakers (I recommend a headphone set with both). To be seen on video calls you also need a webcam (but this is optional with these discussions). The price of web cams have dropped significantly. They can be picked up for $10. - $20. US. for one that will suffice and for $20.-$50. for one with good sound and video quality. Its worth a little extra money to get a better webcam believe me.

Downloading Skype:

It is suggested that you read all of the following before downloading the program:

  1. Go to (this link will bypass several unnecessary ad windows on their site: or you can just go to and read their ads etc.).
  2. Click the "Download Now" button.
  3. Fill out the information on the form, your name, e-mail address, desired user name etc.
    � �� NOTE: Their account name suggestions are based on the info you give them. If the "real name" you enter is exact or close to the Skype user name you want it will probably be the suggested name (i.e. John Galt will probably get you John.Galt).
    � ���Choosing one of their suggestions usually makes set-up go more smoothly. But feel free to experiment. Frankly their sign-up system is not very user friendly and signing up for the account can be a bit of a pain if you are not used to things like this.
    � ��NOTE: All sign-up problems on their site are almost instantly noted with red text in the section header. Check for this before "continuing" to the next page. If there is ANY red text on the page it will not be accepted (this mainly shows up with user name and password creation).
  4. Once you complete the form click the button to continue.
  5. This opens: "SkypeSetup.exe."
  6. Click "Save file." This will download it to wherever your downloaded files go on your computer.
  7. Go to where it downloaded (desktop in my case)
  8. Double click the "Skype install box."
  9. Select language. Click "I agree -- Install."
  10. It should install. Be patient (its not too large).
  11. When it opens you can check out the various options, tweak the settings etc.
  12. E-mail me with your Skype user name and I will send you an invitation to connect with me as a friend or invite me using my Skype user name found here.
  13. How to invite others: On the upper tab click the button to "add a contact" (a head with a plus sign next to it). Add the desired user name or use the search feature on the page that opens. Its that easy now (thanks God for upgrades!) � �
  14. Added contacts will be notified of your invitation. Once they accept you will see their icons as green when they are on Skype.
  15. Spend some looking at the various option menus to tweak your sound and video settings etc. as needed and use the "Test Call" option to affirm that everything is working correctly. If you have any problems I'll try and help you figure things out. Skype or e-mail me.

With patience this process is not too painful.

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