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Why We Are Losing World War III
By Shlomo Phillips © July 15, 2016

      You may not like this one, but the truth should be spoken.

The Western World is not losing World War III because of Obama. We are not losing because of the EU. We are not losing because of the "Illuminati," the Bilderberg's, the Club of Rome, etc. AND we are absolutely are not losing because a bunch of 12th century barbarians are more powerful than the United States of America! Lets get real!

      But we are losing.

Why? We are losing for the same same that every country that ever confronted the United States prior to Vietnam lost.

We no longer have emuna nor righteous kavanah.

We no longer have real faith in the God of the Bible nor do we have the intention, as a nation, to serve Him and to do good.

     THIS is why we are losing this world.

Our American forbearers believed in the God of Israel, according to their understandings. Our republic, as flawed as it was, was committed to making our country and the world a freer, better, and more holy place. We have thrown this conviction into the trash!

NOW we are fighting World War Three, call it whatever you want. Our main enemies are devoutly religious. They readily die for the god and for what they sincerely believes is his will. Meanwhile, our troops, for the most part, have no god nor the God in whom to place their trust. They believe in their duty to the nation for the most part, they want to defeat their enemies, but they have no active faith (emuna) to to guide them. Their intention to obey orders and serve their commanders. They have no conception of their roles as being to serve the will God. Our corrupt government, which stems from what our people allow and/or desire, has stolen the one thing necessary for victory, a godly cause.

America has lost its way. We can not blame this on the government. The blame is our own, We the People. We have allowed, permitted, and even demanded that the Holy One be excised from from our culture and nation. Now we are in an Ichabod state (I Samuel 4:19-22), a state where the active Presence of God has abandoned us.

Do you want to win this war?

SEEK GOD and elect leaders who at least are not anti-God. Leaders who will empower the rebirth of the FAITH, godly INTENTION, and our former Republic. Otherwise, our role in history, as a nation, is over.

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