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כָּל מִצְו‍ֹתֶיךָ אֱמוּנָה שֶׁקֶר רְדָפוּנִי עָזְרֵנִי
"All your commandments are Faith" (Psalms 119:86)

וְאֵרַשְׂתִּיךְ לִי בֶּאֱמוּנָה וְיָדַעַתְּ אֶת יְהֹוָה
"I will betroth you to Me
with Faith, and you will know G-d!" (Hosea 2:22)

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About Me

              Since 1969 I have devoted most of my time and energies to seeking G-d. I have done this through study, prayer, meditation, and exploring the various world religions from the inside. Some things have become very clear to me over the years, but my quest is not yet over. My Path is Chassidus, Hasidic Judaism, I focus on the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. I am currently seeking to assist Noahides (non-Jewish worshippers of the G-d of the Israel) in their learning. Join us Facebook for more information on this.

              Some people refer to me as a rabbi, some as a Rav, etc. Please note that I do not claim any titles for myself, and am not interested in honorifics. Refer to me however you prefer. While I am a teacher of Judaism, religion and spirituality in general, I do not hold a rabbinic ordination (I do hold ordinations in other religions I am not longer affiliated with). I have an MA degree in World Religious Studies, a counseling degree from East-West Seminary, and various other pieces of paper from various places. While I continue to study a lot, I have no plans of seeking additional ordinations.

              Life experiences, sincerity, prayer, and research are what makes a teacher, not degrees and certificates. Knowing G-d personally and sharing religious truth is what makes a religious teacher, not the approval of any sectarian body. Call me whatever you wish, I suggest "Shlomo."

              In my studies over the past forty plus years I have placed a special emphasis on Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and the Sanatana Dharma (i.e. Hinduism in its various offshoots, including Buddhism and Sikhism), but I have studied all of the major and many of the minor religions and denominations in depth as part of my personal quest.

             If my efforts here bless you I am happy. If they don't, I am still happy, because true happiness comes from G-d alone and He is my Source and my Goal.

              I am an independent minded member of Der Alte Weg Chassidus (i.e. "the Old Way Chassidus" of the Besht, the Baal Shem Tov zt’l). Chassidus is a traditional Jewish approach that deals with a wide range of spiritual concepts including G-d, Torah, Talmud, the soul, Kabbalah, mysticism, etc. At its heart however, Chassidus is all about emuna -- active faith and trust in HaShem alone. This approach provides an understandable, practical expression to our ancient teachings that are as relevant today as they have ever been, perhaps even more so. My Rebbe is Rabbi Aryel Nachman ben Chaim of The House of Seven Beggars.


    שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל חשם אֱלֹהֵינוּ חשם אֶחָד

             Sh'ma Yisra'el HaShem Eloheinu HaShem Eḥad
              "Hear Y'israel, HaShem is G-d, HaShem is ONE"

              Please note that is completely independent of the various groups I associate with. The views expressed here are my own understandings and do not necessarily reflect those of anyone else. Likewise, the views of these groups do not always express mine. Please refrain from making assumptions about my beliefs. On some political (and a few religious) topics I am more "liberal," while on others I am more "conservative" (or religiously, Orthodox). I am an Orthodox Jew, however I am quite independent in my outlook and do not travel in lockstep with anyone. HaShem my only authority, the rabbis are my advisors and counselors.

              I'm just me. I believe and do what HaShem leads me to believe and do, within the bounds of my human and personal limitations.

    I am a committed Zionist.

              Without supporting the Nation of Israel, our eternal Homeland, one can not honestly claim to be loyal to our Holy Scriptures, Traditions, People,or Religion. Far too many Jews today, even some rabbis, are turning against Israel and betraying the Hope. The Hope of Zion is the bedrock of Judaism and our people. The government of Israel is far from perfect. There are many things I wish were different there. HOWEVER I stand firmly with Israel even as I beg HaShem to transform the Nation of the Jews into a truly Jewish Nation as described by our holy prophets

    If I can be of assistance to you, just let me know.

             ~ Shlomo Nachman Phillips

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The Writings of the Ranbach, my Rebbe (Rabbi Aryel Nachman ben Chaim)

       One of the ways I decide which topics to address at is what people are talking
    and asking about. If you have a question or a suggestion for a study, please let me know!
    If you find something wrong here, or just wish to contact me, please do.
      My main focus is Judaism. I have an MA in Religious Studies, a degree from an Interfaith Seminary, etc.
    I am familiar with most belief systems and can answer most questions.
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