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Reality Check:

Whether any of us like it or not we are still living in the Olam Hazeh, the "Old World" sinful order. Political realities matter and religious people need to have our voices heard! When we stick our heads into the sand and pretend that the world around us has no bearing on us or that we are somehow too "holy" to get involved, we only deceive ourselves and sell our children into slavery! G-d forbid.

Spiritually we are "transcendent" perhaps, but for now we are very much the people of the fallen material earth! We are commanded in Torah to be the caretakers of this domain. The "fake news" claim that all Jews oppose Donald Trump and/or his attempts to restore the fallen US republic (or as he says, to "make America great again") are patently false. Many of us have been supporting him from the beginning and more are joining us every day. I got behind him a week after be declared his candidacy and I still support him (although I do not always agree with everything he does of course). It is an outrage that the elite in BOTH parties, the media, and much of the corrupt court system and FBI are doing everything in their powers to stop him from doing what we voted him in to accomplish! We are currently experiencing a silent globalist coup. The ONLY thing necessary for these traitors to succeed is for We the People to do nothing.

Mr. President, the majority of the American people are with you!

Even if the Washington Swamp and the Globalists are not!

Why Are There So Many Different Jewish Groups
With Rabbi Shepherd

The Writings of the Ranbach, my Rebbe (Rabbi Aryel Nachman ben Chaim)

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   Everything the soul needs is found in Judaism! One just needs to search and study!
   I am a Sephardic Chassid however a Jew is a Jew and Torah is the Divine Instruction.
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