“All your commandments are Faith” (Psalms 119:86)

“I will betroth you to Me with FAITH, and you will KNOW G-d!” (Hosea 2:22)

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The Secret to Everything:

Since 1969, I have devoted my life to seeking the Divine Light. My quest continues, but I have learned some things on this Path. Personal motivating faith (or emunah in Hebrew, Śraddhā in Sanskrit) is the key to everything spiritual. Religions are merely the vehicles we take to that sublime destination. It is ALL about FAITH! Never stop developing spirituality. Never stop seeking God.

My quest has led me through all the major and countless minor religions, denominations, and sects. Today, I practice Torah-based religion. This Biblical path offers a twofold foundation that assists in the development of God-consciousness: Torah (the "Mind" of the Creator revealed most clearly through the first five books of the Bible) and Hitbodedut (personal private prayer and contemplation). A proper understanding of the Bible and time invested in Hitbodedut will most certainly develop more profound levels of emunah and lead anyone to devekut: God-realization and Self-enlightenment. Through emunah (motivated faith) alone, one experiences great joy and contentment in this world system (known as the Olam Hazeh) and the perfected world to come (known as the Olam Haba). This principle is universally applicable.

Know this: There is only One God (ek devata in Sanskrit), and none of us have all the answers. Seek Him according to the Light He reveals to you. Practice love and mercy according to your ability because this is the whole duty of human beings (Micah 6). This is the secret of life, self-realization, and redemption. I am not speaking of New Ageism nor interfaith as commonly understood. The Holy One transcends all human ideology. I am speaking of a personal, grounded, relationship with the Creator. is considered a controversial web domain for various reasons. We've been canceled by social media sites like youtube and Facebook, hijacked and de-platformed by NetSol (Network Solutions), condemned by erev rav rabbis and others, but we are still here and we are happy you are as well. The controversies boil down to whether or not one believes that seriously seeking spiritual Truth with love and upholding free speech are essential. I do! I am a Rabbi Yoreh Yoreh - Yadin Yadin who believes Rabbinic Judaism needs to return to the Written Torah as its primary textual source. The teachings of the historic rabbis and the Talmud are essential to our religion, but like anything else, they can and in some cases have become idols. As Jews we are supposed to be the Nation of Priests (Exodus 19:6, Isaiah 61:6) to the other nations, and yet many erev rav reject non-Jews out of hand, even those who come seeking Torah. Our people need to make teshuvah (repentence)! includes a small part of my research over the past fifty years. If God and Truth are One, as most sages teach, then all of our views can not be objectively "true." Nevertheless, God totally transcends everything we know and believe, so no matter what we believe, we are only partially correct. As the Scripture says:

My people are destroyed because they lack knowledge: because they have rejected knowledge, I will also reject them that they may no longer be My priests - Hosea 4:6.
And again,
My people are in captivity because they do not know; their honorable people are famished, and their multitudes have dried up with thirst - Isaiah 5:13.

As Yeshua ben Miriam (Jesus, son of Mary) said:

Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened - Matthew 7:7,8., established in 1998, suffered greatly from the Rabbinic censorship I was subjected to while earning my smicha (Jewish ordinations) and the attempt by NetSol to 'cancel' me and steal the domain (which they illegally took offline for nearly a year). For these reasons the domain need a significant update. I'm doing my best to accomplish this. As you read the various linked studies please be patient with broken links etc. is Back! Before reposting its pages I am reviewing them, correcting typos, expired and canceled links, and other errors. When links do not work it indicates that the desired page still needs to be updated. Thanks for your patience.

We at,, and sincerely seek God and greater understanding. As stated in East, "The Lotus grows in the Mire." In other words, we must seek God and His Truth everywhere not just amidst the beautiful stained glass windows. We are unique and so are you!

If you have questions, thoughts, or comments, please contact me. We welcome ALL PEOPLE who express positive intentions.

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