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On Being Jewish
Here we'll consider what it means to be Jewish. What makes a person Jewish? What is a Jew? Does one have to be born Jewish to be Jewish? Is Judaism a race, a religion, or what? Are converts "really" Jewish? Is Judaism like a cult where everyone must agree all time? Is there a Jewish Pope? Why are there Jewish Movements if God is one? Is one Movement "more Jewish" than the others? What's the differences between Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Judaism? What is Jewish Renewal? Who are the Karaite Jews? What are Chassidim (Hasidim)? Where are the Ten Lost Tribes?

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Section Directory
(mainly posted in the order produced)

The Sacred Name: The Third Commandment (includes text and video versions).
The "Right Kind of Jew": Is there a "right way" to be a Jew? (includes text and video versions).

The Seven Universal Laws, One By One; Includes videos on each topic and texts on some.
With Shlomo Phillips and Rabbi Aryel Nachman ben Chaim. For more on this topic see my Noahide home page:
While these are specifically directed to Noahides, they apply to all Jews as well; Includes videos on each topic.

What The Messiah Must Accomplish (includes text and video versions, as well as extra videos).
     * For more on this see my Mashiach ben David home page
The Ethiopian Jews (includes video only)
Blame Israel? No Way! (includes video)
Do Better We can do better IF we choose to! (Video only)
Three Men Visit Avraham; (includes video)
Female Orthodox Rabbis: Regarding a most startling pronouncement; (includes video).
A Time to Stand: Chayei Sarah A D'var Torah on Genesis 23:1−25:18; (includes audio)
Female Orthodox Rabbis: A Few Thoughts. (includes video).
The Holy Service: The Chevra Kadisha.
Teshuvah: Finding forgiveness; Includes video
Don't Blame HaShem!: The Roll of Free Will; (includes audio)
The Golden Rule: Don't Convert the Jews; (includes video and audio)
Torah 101: What is the Torah? Tanach? Talmud? (includes audio)
Our Morning Blessings: A wonderful way to begin your day! (includes video)
Enough With The Infighting! Remember WHY The Second Temple Was Destroyed (includes audio).
Shlomo's Challah My quick and easy recipe for Sabbath Bread
Lashon Hara: The most serious sin most people have never heard of! (includes video)
Women of the Wall A few thoughts
Do Women Matter According to the Bible?
Counting the Omer Pesach to Shavu'ot: Info on the Divine Emanations (includes video)
A Shema Secret Understanding the Shema. (includes video)
Jewish Uniqueness Are Jews Uniquely Chosen? (includes video)
Clarifying Tehillim (Psalms) Chapter 22 (includes video)
The Five Principles of Jewish Defense: As Defined By The Jewish Defense League (includes audio)
Anti-Zionist Jews: How can any Jew oppose Israel?
Dear World: An open letter by Rabbi Meir Kahane, (November, 1988) (includes audio)
The Amida: Also known as the Shmoneh Esreh and as the Standing Prayer (includes video)
The Shabbat Amida: Also known as the Tefilat Sheva or Prayer of Seven Blessings
Shema Israel: What the Shema is and how to incorporate its truth into your life
The Month of Elul: The Month of Repentance
Modeh Anee: The exaltation of the awakening soul
Faith is the key Emuna and the faith of Cain and Abel
The Suffering Servant Understanding Yisheyah (Isaiah) 52-54
A Time line of Eretz Israel
Why Were Blood Sacrifices Required? Will They Be Required In the Future?
Why its so difficult to convert There is a reason!
Orthodox Views of Non-Orthodox Movements Considering conversion? This is important to understand!
Antisemitism In The USA And Around the Globe by The Numbers.
So, you wanna be a tzaddik ...:
The Trefa Banquet: Judaism Divided
What it means that HaShem is Echad
Orthodox or Liberal? Hillel or Shammai?
The Calendar HaShem the Jewish People
THE Hope of Israel
What Was Job Lacking? What are we lacking? (includes video)
Jewish Symbols
Shema Israel
Yetzer Tov and Yetzer hara: The Impulses of Free Will
The 613 Laws According to Rambam
The 13 Principles of Judaism According to Rambam
The Hope of the World
Zion and Zionism
Judenhass Foundation of Antisemitism
Jews on the Moon! -- AKA May We Have The Moon Please? (includes video)
The Power of Words

The importance of Shabbat; for more on this see my Holiday Guide The Jews of Butte County, California Who is a Jew:

The Holocaust: Learn the Truth About What Really Happened!

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