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JPost: ADL Unconscionable, Inaccurate Attack on Israel at J Street Meeting

Published here as it: Source: Jerusalem Post

he Anti-Defamation League’s new National Director, Jonathan Greenblatt, previously a special assistant to U.S. President Barack Obama, has begun to court the liberal glitterati and their media by following the Obama lead and creating daylight between the ADL and the Israeli government.

In what was a coup for J Street, the ADL chief last month became the first Jewish establishment leader to address this essentially anti-Israeli organization, granting it respectability and treating it as a legitimate extension of the Jewish mainstream.

J Street, which had the financial backing of George Soros – who loathes Israel – has the chutzpah to depict itself as being “pro-Israel” but claims an understanding superior to Israelis of what is best for them, declaring its role as that of a parent obliged to impose “tough love” on drug-addicted children.

The hypocrisy of J Street’s repeated mantra of being “pro-Israel” is illustrated in the following examples:

For the head of the ADL to make such a statement while the PA engages in incitement and Jews are murdered by crazed Palestinian fanatics is unconscionable.

J Street is primarily supported by nominal Jews. Executive Director Jeremy Ben-Ami actually told The New York Times that his members mainly comprised intermarried youngsters who attend “Buddhist Seders.”

It has basked in the support of the Obama administration and this year Vice President Joe Biden addressed its convention – where he condemned Israel for not being forthcoming in peace negotiations.

In his speech to J Street, ADL’s Greenblatt made appropriate remarks supporting Israel and condemning anti-Semitism. But he also incorporated criticisms of Israel that were thoroughly inappropriate, particularly with the upsurge of terrorism in Israel and the international pressures it currently faces, and especially to a J Street audience. He indirectly gave a seal of approval for the Obama administration to impose solutions on future borders that could dramatically compromise Israel’s security.

Some of Greenblatt’s preposterous remarks:

The negative impact of Greenblatt’s overtures to J Street should not be underestimated. This is a crucial period in Israel-U.S. relations. For one of the wealthiest Jewish establishment bodies to shower praise on an organization with a consistent track record of undermining and demonizing Israel and to call for its inclusion in the “big tent” will surely serve to encourage Obama to exert pressure against Israel in the last months of his tenure.

It will signal to the incoming president and Congress that the Jewish community is divided over Israel and weaken the political influence of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and other organizations that support Israel.

The reality is that the vast majority of committed Jews are devoted to the welfare of Israel. Many are supporters and funders of the ADL. They would be doing the ADL a favor by making it clear to Greenblatt that he must concentrate on his mandate to combat anti-Semitism and if he intends to engage in friendly dialogue with anti-Israeli bodies or assume a “neutral” role in relation to Israel, they will withdraw support from the ADL.

This article was published by Jerusalem Post and may be found here.

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