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Please note: suffered greatly from the Rabbinic censorship I was subjected to while earning my smicha (Jewish ordination) and the attempt by NetSol (Network Solutions) to 'cancel' me and steal this domain (which they illegally took offline for nearly a year). As with the rest of this domain, it is time for a major update. As you read the linked studies, please be patient during this update process with broken images, links, etc. is Back!
As part of the ongoing updating and restoration of I have now begun working on the return of this once popular section. This section once hosted over two hundred pages of information. I hope to restore the majority of it and bring in new material, although some pages have been lost.

I am interested in topics some consider controversial. These topics cover a wide range of subjects from religious, prophetic, political, to the extra-natural occurrences and beyond. If you find this material of interest I encourage you to "like" and share it on social media and elsewhere.

As always I invite questions, comments, and corrections.



The Revelation
    John of AllFaith's Insights into this facinating Way Sect prophecy.
The Arrival of 666:
    Understanding this important prophecy.
The Papal Prophecy of Malachy
    The final Pope?
Are Muhammad and Jesus Mentioned in the Tanach?
    A look at Shir Hashirim (Song of Songs) 5:16 and Jonah 2:9 (2:10).
The Georgia Guidestones and the Creature from Jekyll Island
    A dark prophecy or a dark reality?
Prophecy: Aliyah, Christians, and Jewish Israel
    The rebirth of Israel and how to respond to it.

Dragons and the Merovingian Bloodline

    Dragons are still among us!

Islam in Prophecy:

Main Directory
The Muslim Brotherhood Project Part One of Two.
The Muslim Brotherhood Project Part Two of Two.

Dreams and Memories:

Last Night I Dreamt Of Melting Cake A disturbing dream about Southern California.
Purim Dream: Great Atheism and the End of Days
An Odd Dream For Elul!
Shoah Child: A poem and Video.
My Experiences in the Holocaust. A factual retelling by text and a 43 minute video.


The Unibomber Manifesto: Industrial Society and its Future (pdf file).
Why We Are Losing World War III
Betrayal! The Rise of the Demon Queen
JPost: ADL Unconscionable, Inaccurate Attack on Israel at J Street Meeting

Abortion Numbers

    Numbers Don't Lie. This is a continuing holocaust!

Political wisdom

    Wise quotations

Globalist Quotes

    Notable quotes by the Elite
Never Forget What Happened At Waco!
    A time line of the Mount Carmel massacre, several informative videos, and the truth about Hillary Clinton's murders.

Ambush at Ruby Ridge

    How US government agents set Randy Weaver up and took his family down.

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