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Karaite Jews and Jesus

By Shlomo Phillips © July 04, 2016

         The Jewish prophets have left us clear information on how to recognize the Messiah when he comes. Our prophets are clear. Like all religious Jews Karaites recognize that thus far no one has met these requirements. Judaism continues to await his coming.

Yeshua of Nazareth or Jesus was a rejected Rabbinic Jewish reformer, not a Karaite (nor Sadducee). The New Testament is clear on this point. Yeshua was called a rabbi by the rabbis and his disagreements with the Sadducees were more marked than his disagreements with the Pharisees. As followers of the Tanach the Karaites can not accept anyone who has not met the bibllical qualifications for the post.

For detailed information on why Jews do not accept Yeshua/Jesus as the Messiah, see my study What The Messiah Must Accomplish

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