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Never Forget

What Happened At Waco!

By Shlomo Nachman © February 28, 2009 (latest update March 30 2022)
Some material used harmonious with accepted Internet fair use policies

Civilized nations do not use military force against their own citizens, especially their own children!! The United States does!! Remember the Trail of Tears! Remember the Move Compound! Remember Wounded Knee! Remember Ruby Ridge! Remember Waco! Remember Oklahoma City! What really happened on 9-11? The 9-11 Commission Report is obviously not telling the truth! Was Osama Bin Ladin really killed? WHY does Obama support the Islamic terrorists and oppose Israel? Do you really want the Butcher of Waco to rule over the US? Question everything! And in your seeking, find God!


I've been warning for the last several years that electing Hilary POTUS MEANS betraying the U.S. and Israel and ripping out the last remaining threads of Israel/US relations and American morality and decency. Her election, if successful, may well be the final step in implementing the "globalist end game" and establishing a global dictatorship (see the Hillary Clinton, Walter Chronkite, and 'Global Governance' video below).

IF Hillary is appointed the next US president (which only electing Donald Trump can prevent, unless she is finally indicted and jailed) she WILL continue Obama's assault on Israel and support of the developing Islamic Caliphate. She will push forward W. Bush and Cheney's plan for a North American Union followed quickly by a merger with the EU and the formulation of the Novus Ordo Seclorum, the Global Union. Her agenda runs much deeper however.

In her memoirs Hillary follows in the footsteps of Slick Willie (Bill Clinton) by always leaving herself room for deniability. Say anything against her and you are a sexist, a misogamist, and worse.

There are sections of the book where she (or whoever wrote the book for her) clearly lies and misdirects the truth seeking to diminish her own legendary culpabilities and garner/maintain the support of the voters who are likely to support her.

In this article her deliberate misrepresentation of known facts about Israel and the peace process seeks to justify her support for the Jihadi Muslim Arabs who falsely call themselves Palestinians. As POTUS she WILL finalize America's betrayal of Israel. She will continue support for the emerging Ummah and groups like ISIS/ISIL (now known as Islamic State) and Hamas, Hezbollah, al Ikhwan, etc. and she WILL seek to merge Europe and the Americas.

Most often American Jews are Democrats. There are many reasons for this. Historically the Democrats have supported human rights issues more than the Republicans (or have at least presented themselves that way, remember that Lincoln was a Republican). Since the early 1900's the US Congress has been working towards the establishment of a fascist Global Union which, following the Shoah, understandably makes Jews nervous. Democrat heros like John F. Kennedy publicly warned of this plan:

Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters Full Movie

The Secret Government: President Kennedy's Speech
before the American Newspaper Publishers Association

For this principled stance President Kennedy was assassinated.

The world is moving on!

Many Jews felt that Kennedy, and hence the Democrat Party, was less likely to turn against us than the GOP, which appeared more fascistic at the time. However today liberalism has been replaced with Progressivism. The world today is a very different, far more dangerous and more antisemitic place.

The Democratic Party of Kennedy is not the Democratic Party of Obama and the Clintons! Today the leadership of both parties are united in the goal of world governance. Bernie Sanders is out of step. These are not Socialist nor idealistic Communists. These are fascist oligarchs seeking to bring in the New World Order of global slavery. The present support for the rising global Islamic Caliphate is not the end game. Jihadi Islam is but a tool to promote fear and the acceptance of global governance. Obama is nothing but an globalist Indonesian puppet. He wants to promote his religion (Islam) while Hillary prefers the way of Stalin and Marx. Both are useful tools of what President Kennedy called the Secret Government, a New World Order of global slavery.

The truth is that neither party is currently standing for individual liberties nor for the best interest of the USA nor any other existing country.

Personally, I've been an independent voter for years. Like George Washington warned in his 1796 Farewell Address to the Nation, I think the two parties have destroyed this nation and are preparing to replace it with a completely different system.

A war is won one battle at a time. I urge you to REMEMBER WHO HILLARY IS! She (with the support of Janet Reno and Bill) IS the Butcher Of Waco! Long before becoming the Butcher of Ben Gazi, HILLARY ordered the slaughter of 74 innocent American Christians while most of her known advisers opposed it. In her memoirs Hillary is clear that if elected SHE WILL go after Israel because, in her warped opinion, Israel does not desire peace (despite the innumerable facts to the contrary). If she does not respect American Christian lives what will she authorize for Israeli Jews? People like Hillary oppose any and all religions that inspire people to stand up to the demonic plans of the coming Global Union.

From the linked article:

How can any nationalist, patriot, or person of genuine religious faith vote for Hillary, the Butcher of Waco? Those who fail to vote for Donald Trump are anointing Hilary and global enslavement.

As for What Really Happened at Waco and Hillary's Role in it:

There is a LOT of solid information on the web about what really happened at Mount Carmel in Waco, although over the past few years much of it has been removed. What I will offer here is a basic overview of these events, a few good videos and several informative links for more information. What you do, is up to you.

As with Ruby Ridge and the other U.S. government atrocities against American citizens, Waco caused grave harm and even death to the government's targeted victims. The significance of all such attacks is greater than their specific details however. One thing many religious Americans learned at Waco is that trying to live a genuinely committed religious life here can be fatal to your health and future! Especially when the Clinton's are in power! Obey government mandates that violate your First Amendment rights or prepare to pay a dear price, this is what the Clinton's and those of their ilk warn.

To begin with, on April 19, 1993 Hillary Clinton, Janet Reno, Bill Clinton and Wesley Clark called for the cold blooded execution of 74 men, women and children whose only crime was refusing to leave their Texas church. Hillary led this call once Bill wanted to back off. Their victims were burned to death in the inferno at Waco's Mount Carmel Adventist Christian Center.

First let's correct a few of the lies:

The assault took place according the government because of illegal weapons. That was a lie. Everything that followed was based on that lie that Hillary and her colleagues created promoted to justify their intended slaughter and threat to Right leaning Christian groups.

David made frequent trips into town, to gun shows, stores, etc. Even after the government harassment began David told Hillary's troops that he would voluntarily surrender once he finished his written explanation of "the Seven Seals of the Book of Revelation" (which according to his Christian beliefs were currently being "opened"). Had they waited a few more days no one would have died. The Davidians were not a threat to anyone. Rather than wait or negotiate, Hillary ordered these Christian men, women and children of the church compound to be burned to death! She is correctly called the Butcher of Waco.

This is the literal, well documented, fact of what happened.

The following presentation is from one of the best sources of information on the Waco massacre on the web. It is worth mentioning that this website has been banned from Wikipedia for revealing the truth!

At dawn on April 19, 1993, and throughout the morning, tanks rammed holes in the main building and pumped (in the FBI's words) "massive amounts" of CS gas into the building, despite knowing that inside were more than a dozen children. The tanks demolished parts of the compound and created tunnels for the wind to blow through. The buildings at this point were saturated with inflammable CS gas and spilled kerosene.

Around midday two U.S. military pyrotechnic devices were fired into the main building, igniting a fire which (because of the holes in the walls allowing the wind to gust through) spread rapidly through the complex of buildings and became an inferno. 74 men, women and children died — including twelve children younger than five years of age. Fire trucks were prevented by the FBI from approaching the inferno. After the compound had burned down the BATF flag was hoisted aloft to signify 'victory'. Subsequently the burned-out ruin was razed in an attempt to remove all evidence of this premeditated murder of innocent civilians by agents of the U.S. government. Thus occurred an atrocity which many Americans believe could never happen in their country. A look at the evidence presented in the film Waco: Rules of Engagement (and in the BBC documentary broadcast in the U.K. on November 28, 1998) shows that it did happen.

The lawyer for one of the survivors said at one of the U.S. government 'investigations' (or rather, whitewashes): In this country when people are accused of a crime they are arrested and given a trial -- that's 'due process'. If found guilty of murder then maybe they are killed. We don't just kill them first -- which is what happened at Waco.

Understanding these Hillary Clinton directed murders:

"After the BATF and FBI learned that the American Justice Federation had released a press release stating that the use of military troops against United States citizens violated federal law, specifically, the Posse Comitatus act, the BATF released a cover story, claiming that the tanks were "really" not Army, they were national guard, and had been brought in under the "Drug interdiction act" because they had heard there was a "methamphetamine lab" — three weeks after the FBI had already publicly announced there was never any question whatsoever of drug involvement."

Waco:Rules of Engagement

Waco: The New Evidence: Hillary Clinton Responsible!
Unfortunately this excellent video series has now been pulled from YouTube. Surprised? Hillary doesn't the truth.

I'll leave the first one up so you can see the termination notice:

Hillary Clinton/Waco:New Revelation(Part 1 of 12)

The Waco Murders And Hillary Clinton


20th anniversary of the Branch Davidians MASSACRE!

While this next video is not specifically about Waco, it does offer a lot of insight in Hillary:

Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters Full Movie

Day 51 -- **The True Story Of Waco**
Who Were the Branch Davidians?

Hillary Clinton, Walter Chronkite, and 'Global Governance' (i.e. the New World Order)

25 Other Scandals, Lies, and Criminal Activities of Hillary Clinton.

For information on Ruby Ridge see My Ruby Ridge Page

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