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Ask Shlomo!
       One of the ways I decide which topics to address at is what people are talking
    and asking about. If you have a question or a suggestion for a study, please let me know!
    If you find something wrong here, or just wish to contact me, please do.
      My main focus is Judaism. I have an MA in Religious Studies, a degree from an Interfaith Seminary, etc.
    I am familiar with most belief systems and can answer most questions.
    The following links may also be of interest.   "My offerings" is the portal to everything here. Home Page
My Offerings
My Facebook
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   Generosity is wonderful thing! Helping support ministries that bless you is a wonderful mitzvah! I truly appreciate it when people write asking how to donate to what I do here. Here's how to support this ministry: As for monetary donations, thank you so much, but I'm not set up to receive them. What I do I do freely.

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