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Studies Home Page was established in 1998 and banned by Facebook in 2017 for the crime of truth telling, was reborn as in 2018. So far it's not banned. We still tell the truth.
Beit Emunah (Llc) was established as a congregation of faith
on October 2, 2018 (23 Tishri 5779). Everyone is Welcome!
All three websites remain active and welcome you.

I am now (10-29-2021) begining the reconstruction of!

This will be a long process! Your patience is appreciated.

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How our services work halachichally
And how you can join us
Answers Here

We Use: The Gutnich Chumash available Here and elsewhere
The Lev Eliezar Prayer Books available HERE and elsewhere.
Rebbe Nachman of Breslov's Likutey Moharan available HERE
The Elucidated Derech HaShem available HERE and elsewhere

Live Weekly Broadcasts:

Join us LIVE in Our Zoom Shul

Noon: Wednesdays: Likutey Moharan
  Noon: Thursdays: Elucidated Derech HaShem.

8 PM Thursdays: Weekly Parsha Discussion

Shabbat Services:

8 PM: Fridays
Noon: Saturdays

* All times US Eastern

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If one wishes to be a mechanic, a doctor, a lawyer, a burger flipper or anything else in this life one must learn what is required for success and perfect that skill set. Why would emunah or motivating faith be any different? Motivating faith (or emunah in Hebrew) must be intentionally developed with accurate knowledge coupled with personal experience and intent. The twofold foundation of emunah is Torah and Hitbodedut (personal private prayer). A person with proper understanding of Torah (the Jewish Scriptures) who invests time in Hitbodedut will most certainly develop ever deeper emunah. Through emunah one merits to experience great joy and contentment.

If you have questions you are invited to contact me.

Everything is LIVE in Our Zoom Shul!

Join us on Zoom for the most realistic shul experience.
Most everything is simulcasted to our various social media sites to the right


We welcome Jews and ALL people of positive intention.

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