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“All your commandments are Faith” (Psalms 119:86)

“I will betroth you to Me with FAITH, and you will KNOW G-d!” (Hosea 2:22)

Note: AllFaith.com was founded in 1997 at the now defunct GeoCities.com (in Athens-Delphi) as I earned my MA in World Religious Studies from JFKU. LearnEmunah.com was later created to share my Jewish studies under Rabbinic pressure (they didn't like the name AllFaith nor its non-Jewish content). BeitEmunah.org is our Synagogue and Shul website (i.e., worship and study site).

I am still restoring AllFaith.com, which, during the Plandemic, was "canceled" by Network Solutions for Truth-telling. AllFaith.com is now my flagship web domain and the portal to all three domains.

As a Jewish Rabbi Yadin-Yadin Yoreh-Yoreh, I think knowledge of the world religions is a good thing to have! Sadly, some of my spiritual kin prefer ignorance. To be clear, I am an "unorthodox" traditional Jewish Rabbi with Orthodox Semakhot (ordinations) who places the Written Torah first. I am not Karaite, not Messianic, not a Bu-Jew, not Haredi, not Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform, or any other title people may prefer. I am a simple Breslov-focussed Jew seeking to follow the Torah with prayerful wisdom. Despite what some might prefer, Judaism requires personal prayer, study, and intelligence rather than mindless regurgitation of mid-eval philosopher's opinions.

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Sundays 8 PM: AllHeart: Mutually respectful chat! Zoom Room ONLY.
Mondays 8 PM: "Thus Say The Prophets".
Wednesdays at Noon: Derech Tanach, the Biblical Way Of God.
Wednesdays at 8 PM. Diverse discussions.
Thursdays at Noon: Ramchal's Elucidated Derech HaShem.
Thursdays at 8 PM: Weekly Parsha Study.

Fridays at 8 PM Eastern and Noon Shabbat Day for our regular services.

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Dr. John Campbell

Living Beyond the Clouds
With Rabbi Shlomo Nachman (John of AllFaith)

KNOW the Fifth Division of the Shulchan Aruch!

The Shulkhan Arukh is divided into four volumes:

1. Orakh Hayyim-laws of prayer and of holidays.
2. Yoreh Deah-diverse laws, including those governing charity (tzedaka), Torah study and the Jewish dietary laws.
3. Even haEzer-laws concerning Jewish marriage and divorce.
4. Khoshen Mishpat-Jewish civil law.

Once a student came to a prominent rabbi to be tested for ordination: The rabbi's first question was "Name the five volumes of the Shulkhan Arukh."
Thinking that the rabbi had made a slip of the tongue, the student named the four volumes, but the rabbi asked him to name the fifth.
"There is no fifth volume," the student said.
"Common sense is the fifth volume. If you don't have it, all your rulings will be of no use, even if you know the other four volumes perfectly."

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