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Conversion to Judaism:

Giyur -- גיור

These studies focus on what it means to convert to Judaism. How does a person become Jewish? Are converts "really" Jewish? Is Judaism like a cult where everyone must agree all time? What you should know about the Jewish Movements before converting. Is one Movement "more Jewish" than the others? What's the differences between traditional Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Judaism? Most important, is conversion something you could consider?

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Section Directory
(mainly posted in the order produced)

The Golden Rule and why Attempts to Convert Jews is a Serious Mistake
Jewish Uniqueness Are Jews Uniquely Chosen? Where do converts fit in?
A Shema Secret Understanding the Shema. Understanding this is critical for converts.
Shema Israel: What the Shema is and how to incorporate its truth into your life
Faith is the key Emuna and the faith of Cain and Abel. There is more being a Jew that external observance.
Why its so difficult to convert There is a reason!
Orthodox Views of Non-Orthodox Movements Considering conversion? This is important to understand!
So, you wanna be a tzaddik ...: Why do you want to convert? You can be pleaese God without converting.
The Trefa Banquet: Judaism Divided. This is the origin of the modern Movements/denominations.Where do you best fit?

The importance of Shabbat:

What it means that HaShem is Echad
Orthodox or Liberal? Hillel or Shammai?
Shema Israel
Yetzer Tov and Yetzer hara: The Impulses of Free Will
Teshuvah: Finding forgiveness.
The Sacred Name: The Third Commandment
The 613 Laws defined by Rambam These are only applicable to Jews.
Sheva Mitzvot B'nei Noach: These Seven Laws are non-Jews.
The 13 Principles of Judaism According to Rambam these are things all Jews should believe. Do you?
The Hope of the World
Zion and Zionism
Judenhass Foundation of Antisemitism. By converting you will be hated too. Are you prepared for this?

Who is a Jew:

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