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The Great Awakenings

The Essence of Contemporary American Religion

Part Fourteen

By Shlomo Phillips © 1989
(most recent update February 24, 2015)

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Fundamentalist Christianity

Those who left the Catholic Church were quite diverse in their doctrinal views and practices, although most of them retained belief in the anti-Torah Nicean Creed. These groups continued to subdivide and today there are thousands of non-Catholic/non-Orthodox Christian denominations and sects. What it means to be a "Christian" today is a totally open question. The religion is hopelessly divided doctrinally and in fellowship.

Judaism is also divided into movements (four main ones) and rival sects. Within traditional Judaism (which is usually but not always called "Orthodox") are many sects. Sometimes these groups are as, or even more, divisive than the Christian sects among themselves, and most of them are dismissive of the non-Orthodox sects completely. The three non-Orthodox Jewish movements are usually less divisive among themselves, although usually very critical of the Orthodox. Still Judaism is much more unified than Christianity.

Today as the Church is dwindling in numbers and social relevance one segment appears to be almost holding its own: Fundamentalist Christianity.

This group is composed largely of neo-Protestants like Free Methodists, Anglicans (like the Baptists), heterodox sects (like the Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses etc), and non-denominational groups (such as Calvary Chapel), the Pentecostals etc. These groups are currently in a state of mild revival even as Christianity's influence over the society continues to wane before the rise of Islam and Secular Humanism.

Whereas the more traditional forms of the religion are losing members and political/social authority like never before, this branch continues to grow (although at a much slower place than before). Because of this, non-Christians (by observance the majority of Americans) are more inclined to view the Christian religion as outdated and exclusionary and its serious observance as cultic and superstitious. This situation does not bode well for the future of moderate Christendom.

Christian Fundamentalists generally claim to be the only true reflection and restoration of Jesus' original teachings (even though their essential dogmas are at variance with his). They typically reject both branches of Orthodox Christianity (i.e. Roman and Eastern Catholicism), as well as many of the traditional mainline Christian denominations which they considered to be too 'watered down' and compromised. Christian Fundamentalists often point to what they consider the apostasy of many Christian organizations and individuals, citing the New Testament condemnation of 'lukewarm Churchianity' (Revelation 3:15). They blame this as the cause of Christianity's rapid decline (note 12) .

Being generally apocalyptic in their beliefs Fundamentalists often claim that this chaotic and non-observant situation was predicted for the 'last days' before the return of Jesus (LGPE). While more liberal minded mainline churches seek to update their teachings in an effort to be more inclusive, more politically correct and relevant to modern society, Fundamentalists tend to do the exact opposite. They typically seek to root out all hints of 'modernism,' and what they see as 'compromises with the world of Satan'.

One result of this is that more liberal Christians tend to stand with the Hamas backed Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement (BDS) and similar anti-Jewish groups, while many of the more conservative Christian groups are standing firmly with Israel. There are MANY exceptions to this general statement however. There are Fundamentalist Christians who are just as anti-Jewish as the Presbyterian Church USA, the Quakers, etc.

Nevertheless, most Christian Zionists are also "Fundamentalists" and "Right Wingers." This is creating a confusing problem for Jews and Christians alike. While the support is certainly appreciated, Jews must be careful because most Fundamentalist Christians practice a "replacement theology" that states that Jews must be converted to their religion in order to be "saved." While some seek to murder the Jewish body, replacement theology seeks to murder the Jewish soul, which is a far more serious threat! This leads some Jews to seek isolation from the Christians assuming they are all seeking our conversion.

Whereas support for Israel used to be "liberal" position, the new "progressives" that have replaced them are more and more often siding with those who would genocide us. This change is having a devastating impact on Jews in America and Europe. Far too American Jews still have not realized this shift in liberal policies. They have been betrayed and do not yet realize it.

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