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The Great Awakenings

The Essence of Contemporary American Religion

Part Forty-Three

By Shlomo Phillips © 1989
(most recent update March 29, 2015)

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Parts 44 - Conclusion

"The Dream is Over"

By John Lennon

Due to the world's manipulated collective desire for universal governance on December 26, 1991 the Soviet Union simply ceased to exist - an amazing thing which we already take for granted today. Think of it however, one of the most powerful nations in the history of the planet simply disbanded and freed its conquered states! Amazing! The dawning of the Age of Aquarius? The dawn of universal peace and brotherhood?

In the United States, the self-proclaimed protector of individual and religious liberty, various atrocities were committed during this period such as the Wounded Knee incident of February 27, 1973. Leonard Peltier remains a political prisoner of the US government due to his role.

In 1985 a bomb was dropped from a police helicopter onto the home of a group in Philadelphia known as MOVE. The explosion and ensuing fire killed 11 people, including five children and the group's leader John Africa. Only two occupants survived the United States government attack.

On April 19, 1993 74 Christian men, women and children were murdered in cold blood by Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno in an intentionally ignited inferno at Waco, Texas. Now she is the next POTUS apparent! Read more and Watch the Frontline investigative report at my Never Forget What The US Government Did At Waco! page.

On August 21, 1993 several well-armed U.S. Marshals, without legal warrant or cause, snuck onto the Weaver private property at Ruby Ridge. In cold blood they murdered Randy Weaver's 14 year old son Sammy, shooting him in the back as he tried to run back to his house after the marshal had killed his pet dog. The next day the Weaver's and their friend Kevin Harris were with the boy's body in a shed when the United States government killers returned. FBI agent sniper Lon Horiuchi missed his intended death shot and only hit Weaver in the arm, but then he fired again, shooting his wife Vicki fatally in the head. She was holding their 10-month-old daughter Elishiba. They were running back to their house for cover and posed no threat to anyone. For more information on these government murders see my Ambush at Ruby Ridge page.

These are but a few examples that made the news headlines as the government 'for and by the people' began wielding its awesome power against citizens who dared to seek liberty or practice their Constitutional rights. Many more subtle cases exist like the Church of Salem, the first US church to be seized by the government for refusing to incorporate under government authority. During this period American religion came under direct attack as it had not since the days of the Scopes Monkey Trial. It was becoming obvious that those who sought religious freedom outside the approval of the state would not go unpunished.

Scattered embers of commitment for peace and freedom remained, however the fact that most citizens remained apathetic and mute in the face of growing American democide as described above was an indication that the spirit of pluribus unum was all but dead. The Dream was indeed Over as John Lennon said.

What had been the Left leaning Peace Movement began devolving into a hard Left Marxist movement. While American Jews and Christians had been very active in the Civil Rights movement, in the Women's movement, and other calls for progressive change, the emerging Progressive movement was anti-Semitic and anti-Christian.

According to various surveys most Americans no longer believed themselves to be part of a nation for and by the people. The US has become an oligarchy (i.e. a government controlled by a small group of hyper-wealthy people) rather than a democratic republic. Having lost faith in the government during the 60's and 70's the citizens were now beginning to fear it. Some went hard Left and continued fighting while most surrendered.

Rather than sparking optimism, the year 2000 produced more dread. The massive Y2K computer virus that was supposed to toast the nation's computer systems turned out to be less than a fizzle. Had we been paying attention the false alarm might have served as a warning about just how dependant we had become on these new technological idols. This warning was reflected in the popular culture as Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines was released on July 2, 2003. The new gods were fully in control and Americans went happily into debt to buy the newest technological gadgets (usually from China or other less than friendly countries). American had lost its edge in every sphere besides militarily. In this field we remained the globe masters! No one could touch the US of A! The hallowed shores would impenetrable! Oh how naive we were!

As the nation entered the new millennium many spoke in terms of an inexplicable sense of darkness that seemed to be present everywhere. Talk show hosts like Alex Jones of Infowars warned of national and international conspiracies that threatened even the US! Of course most people only laughed at his alarmist views, and his tendency to exaggerate situations for ratings didn't help his credibility. Jones is like the present incarnation of Father Charles Coughlin and Senator "Joe" McCarthy (November 14, 1908 – May 2, 1957) rolled into one, with a unique New World Order twist of his own. Like Coughlin, Jones doesn't like Jews. He presents these views in carefully crafted terms that point to "Zionists," not Jews, to their "Banking conspiracies," not to Jews. But along with politicians he endorses, like Ron and Rand Paul, a new anti-Semitism was emerging.

The new corporate controlled media talking heads were beginning to wring their hands about a human caused "global warming" that was dangerously altering the climate and threatening all life on earth. Most Americans paid little heed to these doomsday prophets either. Repackaged as "climate change" however this seemed to be the next hot issue that the nation would be called to distract itself with. The Climate Change ideology began developing an almost religious following among the Humanist/New Age Americans.

But some Americans were now paying attention! We were being played and we knew it!

America had seemingly been victorious in the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Now the talking heads were whitewashing history so that the Vietnam "police action" was called a draw instead of the defeat it was. "We could have won, but the US was too compassionate to do what an all out victory would have required." Americans felt safe again. We still had never lost a war after all!

Bill Clinton's sidekick Al Gore seemed unlikely to begin a new war. He was nut job whose main interest was the war on Climate Change. For that reason among others many supported his bid for the 2000 POTUS election. With his notoriety came a gradual increase in the panentheism of environmentalism.

During this period we began hearing more 'news reports' about dishonored Vietnam Veterans. People began mindlessly reciting the slogan 'honor the vets if not the war'. Media sources began revisiting the common VA mistreatment and social disrespect shown toward those who had been deployed overseas. Certainly it is tragic how many of US vets live and die with mental and physical damages from their war experiences, but there was clearly more to this than that acknowledgement. The widespread condemnation of the War and the warriors didn't help matters for them (although it did end the war faster, thus saving many lives). I'm not debating the sentiment, but those who were paying attention suspected what was being planned by the new war emphasis. The peace (and Al Gore's presidential bid) was about to be deliberately shattered by a new war to end all wars and most Americans and Europeans were oblivious.

The pro-Muslim bias that had been in the media for the past few years ("Islam means peace!") was now taking a slightly less positive spin. The talking heads and politicians began incorporating the new government talking points. Something was changing. The powers-that-be were preparing something, but few suspected the enormity of what was coming.

In 2000 Al Gore was elected president of the United States in a close but decisive victory by the popular vote.

This election was generally viewed with optimism. Although Gore's environmental policies seemed a bit extreme, at least there was no war going on and it seemed unlikely that he would start one. Focusing on the environment for the next four years sounded like noble endeavor. Pollution was getting pretty bad.

The majority of Americans clearly did not like one term president and former CIA director George Bush Senior and they despised and distrusted his son W. After Clinton they didn't care much for Gore either, but at least Bush Jr. had lost!

Democracy had triumphed.
   Or had it?

W. Bush refused to acknowledge the will of the people and step aside after losing. His Florida governor brother Jeb and his state campaign manager began kicking African Americans and other minority voters out for 'questionable infractions' (similar last names to known felons etc) in order to make the election come out as the war minded powers-that-be wanted. If the Americans would not vote W. Bush in, they would enthrone him some other way!

It was now clear that American politicians do not require the consent of the voters to be sworn into office. It was equally clear that if their manipulations of our votes did not meet their intentions then our votes no longer mattered. The powers that be wanted Bush and they would have him!

When the dust had cleared George W. Bush was sworn into office through the Electoral College, defective electronic voting machines (which secured his reelection which he lost as well), his governor brother Jeb Bush who is currently running for president as I write this update, and campaign manager in power in Florida and a sweet deal that awarded Al Gore a Noble Peace Price and the population control movie An Inconvenient Truth. During the days of e pluribus unum this would have led to open revolution but now most people just shrugged their shoulders and pretended not see that the United States had just undergone a successful coup.

During his first year in office W. Bush was the most despised president in US history. Gore, who had surrendered the presidency in exchange for a Noble Prize and a movie was largely debunked as a politician and as a scientist (although both still have their supporters). The nation was changing fast, and not for the better.

Our focus here is on religious development not on politics, however they go hand in hand. As people began to focus on politics active religious development all but ceased. Remember that the machinations of the New World Order includes the replacing of traditional religion with a manageable New Age Universalism based on Mother Earth. These developments are all directly related to that planned global system.

In his A Religious History of the American People Sydney E. Ahlstrom described the 1960s as the end of the Puritan epoch in America (NRC 295). He posited that the result (or cause?) of this transition was the counterculture movements of the 1960s and early 70s. The Awakening of the 60's and 70's produced a generation that, in its hay-day, fostered unprecedented discussion and debate over the nature of reality and the role of individuals and nations therein. The amazing scientific discoveries of the period could have fed the planet, provided unlimited free energy (through the discoveries of Nikola Tesla: July 10, 1856 – January 7, 1943), and elevated humanity to heights still undreamed of, information sources that could have nurtured mutual respect and understanding... had the Aquarian dream been pursued. Our collective potential during this period was incredible! If ever there was a generation that could have established global peace and enlightenment that was it.

But global peace and enlightenment are clearly not the will of the powers-that-be, the covert rulers that President Eisenhower referred to as the Secret Government behind government. Having lost its Soviet justification, the Military-Congressional-Industrial Complex of this secret government needed a new straw man and it created one. One that had helped to established the Elite European Merovingians long before. "The more things change the more they stay the same!"

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